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    Im thinking of comming back i quitted for 3 months i think
    last time i played was on C-W, Si1entcry/MyAspot!

    my question is, how can i get gear? (im not a baba person)^^
    maybe someone knows a way, or can tell me what items i should resell?


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    go to ed 3x a day, go to chaos, try to do minor upgrades, buy and resell any cheap items, farm as much as u can? silver gems are also very cheap so u could try buying silvers and opening em

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    Boeren said most of the ways to make money.

    BUT the MOST IMPORTANT is patience...waiting.

    Upgrading - fastest way to make AND loose money. Its a gamble and risk like Las Vegas. If its calculated you can do well if u play the good percentages. BUT if you are saying this,""God I hope this goes or Im screwed..."that is a baaad place to be.

    Farming - again u have to calulate money spent: pots / repairs / and your time.

    Buy and resell - IMO one of the best ways, but again require patience. And right now at least on CW its a buyers market its slow and prices are low. Spend a couple says looking at everything. Know prices of items. Buy low and resell. At the beginning 5-10 mill is good profit when ur broke, later u can make 1-2 gbs off items. For the start until u get comfortable stick to easy resells. IE: chitin 7, shard , raptor, ii 7's. DONT buy the priest hacker + 7, that will take a long while to resell, until an idiot comes and buys it.

    BDW / FT / ED - sell all red chest, go to FT if u win sell ur chest, dont be tempted to open it, until u have a good base of cash. ED - (70 +) sell all gems until u have agood base of cash.

    For example a Hell Breaker is the best item from a red chest, but its 0.1 % chance of getting it. WHen ur broke sell the chest for 750 K - 1 mill ( I dont know the prices anymore).

    Silvery gems (best gem from ed lvl 78 + reward for winning) - ther is less than 10 % chance to get a unique, but if u go win 1 a day, say 5 days a week on CW a silver = 10 mill so at the end of the week u have 100 mill.

    Monster stones - get a unique sell it.

    Above all ED and market are the best, but like I said before have patience. It will take you a while to build up your money and gear. Also u need money to make money, so when u make ur first 100 mill after saving, farming, and working hard, DONT go blow 90 mill on an item. Then ur stuck w 10 mill to buy and resell.

    Patience is ur friend, if u dont want to baba or sell PUS items, then you can not fall into Instant Gratification. It will kill you.

    Good luck

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    you would have to start playing your account (lvl)
    now, there are more people in the trade with the event: ED, BDW, Chaos)
    you also have the opportunity to fight for Chaos Stone .. located in the center of CZ ..
    depending on how you meet the good will spend..

    I also return to play after several months ...
    I hope to help with the comment


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