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DannyTheMan's DCZ Guide

This is a discussion on DannyTheMan's DCZ Guide within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Lol. This guide is total shit IMO. I'll point out all the flaws. Priest Pendant over Warrior Pendant Priest Pendant: ...
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    Lol. This guide is total shit IMO. I'll point out all the flaws.

    Priest Pendant over Warrior Pendant
    Priest Pendant: 20 def, 10int, 5 str, 10 dex. Warrior Pendant: 20 def, 5hp, 5 str, 5 dex
    Reasons for PP over WP are simple. I like Dex. I do not need HP, I have enough of it to help me stay alive. Infact it is not HP which keeps you alive it is HP pots. Aslong as you have high defence you do not need HP. You can PK effectively and very well on 2000 HP (buffed) aslong as you come close to 800 defence and 1300 AP. If you feel under-confident in your abilities try the WP but you may aswell go back to Mercenary Pendant as it is truely better than WP. PP is also better to have when using your HP Chitin set as you don't need the HP but could really use the DEX.[/b]
    Are you serious? The WP has 5 less dex and 10 hp and better resistances.

    Chitin +7/12 HP
    It's a simple chitin set that allows you to gain more HP instead of your extra DEX. It is for when you are being hit by several warriors or battle priests and you will die using basic DEX set. The HP you get can change depending on your base HP (example HP:90) and how many pieces you place on. This HP can allow you to turn round and attack whatever over confident prick which lurks in DCZ waiting to strike. Funny when they hit you for 500 and it only takes 1/6th of your total HP. Half the time they get a healer, town or just simply give up and die.[/b]
    This has probably gotta be a big waste of money. Sure it can help in situations. But if your fighting lots of people I don't think you will have enough time to put on your HP set and still get away as you put it.

    Chitin +7/12 Resis
    Another simple chitin set which can allow you to run into a bunch of mages, along with Lycoan Pendant +1 and talia and feel NO PAIN. A great DCZ mage can hit me for 700 but when I have Resis Armor, Lycaon Pendant +1 and my Fire Earrings (total 24 FR) he can expect to hit for no more than 450, if he's lucky.[/b]
    How the hell do you get a resistance set? Are you talking about Gob parts? Then yes, they can be useful.

    Basic Tips
    Don't minor heal against good warriors, using pots!
    Only Minor Heal when running away from enemies
    Never remove DD helmets
    Kill priests (duffer then healer), then mages, then archers, then assassins and finally... warriors.
    1. Know when to use minor and HP pots. When curing, use HP pots. Usually when fighting, use minor.
    2. Wrong! Use minor when your in battle, it can help out a lot.
    3. Use DD often, but don't use it 24/7. Especially in duels and whatnot.
    4. Kill mages, priests, rogues, warriors (The last 2 can be switched accordingly)

    There is 3 kinds of skill bars. There is the offensive, the player and the defender. There is many variations but these are the 3 basics:[/b]
    There aren't a specific way to set up your skill bar. You can set it up to however you want to feel comfortable. Just make sure you have all 7 skills, cure, both pots, minor heal, and light feet.

    Sin Vs Warrior

    A warrior is basically a tin can. As a rouge you have 3 skills (orange skills) which deal damage based on defence. So your 3 Godly skills are spike, thrust and cut. Warriors are easy to take down... very easy. Just place on your armor def (depending on weapon) and a few pieces of AoD (never remove DD, as sins are stealthed). Tank him, using stab, jab and pierce. He will think you are noobed. Watch him closely, once you see yellow vertical bars (a mana pot) nail on the DEX armor and use the 3 Godly attacks. Watch him have to run, as unlike sins they cannot minor. This is it, spam until he is fully fucked. All he can do is spam HP pots and whack on a shield. If you do not kill him, you will sure as hell damage his reputation and keep him away from you in the future... unless he is mentally challenged... then he will try always to take you down, but that's fine. With this... he's nothing.[/b]
    If you can kill a warrior with only 1 time through your skill bar either A.) You have some uber items. B.)That warrior totally sucks ass.

    Sin Vs Archer

    Well have you ever wanted to pick on a child with downs syndrome? This is your chance. An archer (alone) in DCZ is just free NP with a big stick in his arms. He will either have high AP and low HP/Defence or high Defence/HP and a lower AP. A Archers AP will be about the same as yours but he doesn't have spike (and since he is 59- he also doesn't have stun/slow arrows). Just don't tank a archer as arrow shower is a bitch to outpot (providing he isn't noobed). Just dance around stabbing and swinging until he has nothing left to say to you... There may be the odd exception when a character has FP +10, Chitin Bow +8, Iron Belt +3 and ROLS +5... in that case, put your head between your legs, form a rock shape with your hands and club it off your head for being beat by a archer.[/b]
    Look at some archers, they are actually pretty decent. And if they know how to play they can whup a sin's ass. And trust me I've been owned by archers who know how to play and my gear was fairly decent.

    Sin Vs Ice Mage

    A ice mage is like a feminist. They are cocky, arrogant, ignorant and completely hate you. Not all mages are cocky, all cocky mages are ice mages. They want you dead! They want your balls on a plate! They are the biggest pain in the ass ever! See a ice mage? There is no tactic, whack and run, if he nearly dies from your first 3 skills, keep going and finish him off. If he doesn't run, and chills you, cure and GET AWAY! Ice mages will piss you off, keep you slow and TP a warrior![/b]
    Your effort at trying to be funny is very sad. And saying there is no tactic is utter garbage. No sin could kill me in 3 hits, and trust me there is much tactic in playing a mage.

    Sin Vs Lightning Mage

    This is exactly the same as ice mages except they hit very weak and if you have enough LR resis, they are free NP. Follow ice mage guide, mixed with fire mage and if applicable, paper mage.[/b]
    Well with the new patch i must say their strengths have definitely weakened. But they are still somewhat strong and still can stun. I wouldn't recommend 1 v 1ing as a light mage, more for partiess and such.

    The 2 Sin Combo

    Ever played good cop, bad cop? Same idea... you get the hard one to stay hidden and you use the pussy as the bait. After the pussy one is getting a fair abusing the hard mofo walks in and you cause hell! You syncronise your spikes to deal mega damage. You just attack who ever it is (obeying the list of killing order). You bang and shake until spike is ready and then both unleash before battering them to death.[/b]
    What the hell? How bout you guys just play rogues instead of baiting each other? Go for the same target, MH each other, cure each other in need. Etc, etc.

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    tho this guild is not good, i still would give him credit for sitting writing this long ass post.
    might as well write a book next time.
    assasins are backstabbers. i kinda like to see sins play that way.. just do ur thing, dont try to be a hero and 1v1 a warrior.

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    this is a funny guide but guy should be credited for effort

    i play dcz warrior, so i dont know much about rogues, but what is true is that if u want to play your class succesfully you have to recognize its pros and cons

    first you have a very good gear (not teh best :P ) say what is needed for pk and then say: shards+8, iron belt LOL

    75% ppl in dcz are made a guide for a well geared cocky sin who likes to tank every1

    assassin is the class that is built for hit and run. with LF you can stay away from truoble while scanning the area with lupine eyes for targets...stealthed you can pick off whatever you want, you can cure and heal just be the silent killer instead of jungle-rambler. ofc, if u have the equipment you can allow yourself to do whatever you want, but this is basically true for all sins

    now about those "me vs some1" part:

    warriors: warriors in dcz are underpowered, they skill suck ass, no master = no great attack...most will hit like a little girls if they are not backed up by a good party which includes duffers ofc. but they still have a lot of hp and def, and they like to use shields...and whatever gear you is gonna take you some time before you wet him. and dcz is all about stay in 1 place more than 2 minutes there is extremly high chance that couple of sins are gonna run buy and say...look - theres an idiot who still thinks ppl honour 1v1s, and theyre gonna ass-rape you. so...leave warriors alone it takes a lot of time to kill them. its simply waste of time

    but, if u 1v1 a warrior i will give you an advice - stay alive (ofc lol). there are greatly geared warriors out there, and if ure vsing them just keep hitting them and stay alive...if u can outdmg theyre pot rate then its a matter of time before they screw up pot combo then you got them. but if u cant outdmg theyre pot rate, then youre just wasting your time

    int priests: dude...just leave them. if u dont have shards+9 its even more waste of time then warriors. in order to take down an int priest you gotta cancel they skills when they try to heal themselves. if u dont have a ice mage or warrior to slow them down, they will just keep running/healing, you wont be able to cancel skills. you could carry a noob bow and try to styx them in the right moment, but i never heard any1 doin so

    mages: all about theyre gear and build. if u see a mage, try to recognize their built. paper fires are funny, they are strong in groups from far, if u get near them theyre fuked. int mages are not so easy to kill, light are gonna stun you, ice will slow you and tp rest of party and youre raped. most mages carry def armours including talias, so forget about 2-hitting them...and i have like met 2 mages that would do 1v1. 99% of time, youl get stunned/slowed, and then youre gonna watch them tping ppl to finish you off

    BP - this is just funny in dcz...they need uber gear to hold any ground there

    vsing sin? whoever has better mh/combo and higher attack

    and 1 more thing: MINOR HEAL ownz. you dont minor in only 1 case...your mana sucks. with your gear, you should have enough mana for a good using red pots is simply a waste. carry more blue pots and more cures, you can heal much better with mh, and if u have it and not use it...sheesh

    defense armours: a must, i dont know why use destruction armor. talia has A LOT of defence, like shell +8, and added wep-def/resist

    i suggest glacier talias after moradon patch...cause that ice skill has an enormous success rate


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    if you both use pots warrior will always win because he have alot more defence
    so combine minor and pots.[/b]
    true war will but if u combine minor heal and pots u can out heal a warrior

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    lol why did you even waste so much time doing a guide for dzc sins?? its the easiest class to play in dcz.... and its just way to long to read

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    How the hell do you get a resistance set? Are you talking about Gob parts? Then yes, they can be useful.[/b]
    Now who looks like a noob... you never wondered what a "Blessed Resist Scroll" does? :lol: :P

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    good work. well done

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    bag guide only rich ppl that dont need that guide can do him,,
    chitins resis? chitins hp?
    why? fffs i cvan write better guide for rogue but my english is not so good and i dont have..

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    I don't know what about you, but I just read you played, how the fuck (sorry :P ) would you have been able to survive DCZ with just 2000 HP as a sin? Was this a guide about how to get a kser sin? About minoring just while fleeing, no way!!! MH can save your ass while fighting several enemies at the same time, and can be crucial while dueling anyone.

    Even if I love my DD helmet, I don't wear it 24/7 (But I think I should, since now that I have got back to DCZ seems that orcs just stop attacking others to gangbang my ass ...but is nice to see they remember me xD ).

    Chitin with resistances...somehow I was thinking about this quite a year ago...but for DCZ they are useless imo...same with HP set, unless you get so much HP to get undying (but mostly you go on scrolls so...) If you want some resistances and HP, get goblin pauldron and pads and that's it, you get some HP, more mana, 32 more to resistances and you won't have to hit like a wussy because of the lost dext bonus (specially if you certainly think dext is more important than HP, why would you even have an HP set first of all???)

    About the sword defense, I haven't seen a single sword in Ardream for ages...instead I'd get some club defense, now that everyone has an HB...and you don't run using everything at the same time, that's just for BPs (since they are one of the main targets) just put on the necessary defense when you need it.

    About PP over WP, ok, you like dext, but if you would go to Ardream today and get your 2k-HP Rogue on the field, you'd get raped, as simple as that, specially since just 3 hits are necessary to kill someone with 2k HP and 800 AC (and if you are human, wait for Norbit's return and you'd get 1-hit in no time) :P

    I still think the Assassin's Ultimate Guide by 0000000 can be used for this, with some changes, but I think it still works, despite the little changes in available equipment.

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    Archer is best class in game 60+
    I wasn't a KSer sin. I just know who to fight... bright solid glow chitin with HB or the flashing chitin with raptor... 2k (was actually 2.3k... but not the point) is more than enough. I can tank whole clans cuz of my resistances and defences and HP -> Minor... sorry but that's something I'm stubborn on (maybe it's cuz my PC is shit and lags... who knows?).

    Sorry I didn't read all of replies, I don't have as much time to read my critisms as I did writing the thing :P[/b]
    You should remember that valkyrie and griphon armor cover the real armor and you can't know if they have +7s or +10s 'till you get hit...about tanking a whole clan, no way with 2.3k HP...I've got 3.4K HP on Ardream and even like that I get cannot tank a full party just by potting and without a healr with just 2.3K HP...and if you say it's because of your resistances and HP, then how you distribute your armors? Because I seriously doubt the enemies are gonna wait for you to switch your armors during the battle. About not minoring, if you lag well, can be possible, I used to lag too :P but anyways, a sin without minor cannot survive Ardream nowadays anymore. -_-

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    hp sucks and why to spend money on hp set when u can buy with it pp+0 or osme thin like that

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