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Decided to come back please!

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    Default Decided to come back please!

    Hi all,

    It started to itch again, I quess KO will be an addiction for me for always, and it will never go away...

    I've been busy with work and school alot lately, but I feel like making a bit of free time to play a bit again.

    I figured I could make a char just for border defence war or other events, like I used to have for fun. I don't feel like to grind hardcore or anything again.

    Any advice on what server I should play and what level I should aim for? I can't remember what level border defence war is from, and what other events there were.. I got some USD to spend to gear decently, I just want to do okay in these events, just for some fun.

    Let me know!

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    I would say dont come back and spare ur free time in something better than KO

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    Don't MAKE free time to play KO, use the free time that you have. if you don't have any, then don't play. Simple as that. Personally, if I were getting ready to come back now, I'd wait until the next expansion, possibly a week or two afterwards, because inevitable K2 is going to fuck up everything 20 times before they get it working once in-game, so there are bound to be hundreds of bugs, hacks, ect. all over the place very soon. Plus there is some, very muffled, talk of a new server coming out soon. Not sure if this is based on any factual events, but it may be a reason to hold off at least until the next expansion. The servers that aren't completely empty are filled with hackers anyway, even your beloved events won't do anything but frustrate a casual player.

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    The two above post have summed it up...But basically its business as usual with Mgames and K2. Some new things probably since you last played, and still bugs. Things get disabled, or patches are long in coming.

    That being said yes there is an expansion, but its's been "two weeks away" for a while, and like the chaos expansion some things will get fixed and others messed up.

    It still can be an enjoyable game if you have the right people around you.

    As far as servers go C- West.

    Best of luck, and if you 'waste' time on this game, it still can be fun.


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