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Doing VS the Right way .. .!

This is a discussion on Doing VS the Right way .. .! within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I was playing an lvl 80 ice mage and when I got blinded/stuned/duffed etc and was low on hp I ...
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    I was playing an lvl 80 ice mage and when I got blinded/stuned/duffed etc and was low on hp I was always freezeing enemy, healed my HP to full and then again

    and if a BP was fully debuffing me (para+malice+subside+slow+confusion - no idea why xD) I was using TP - that's my skill as well...

    VSes in usko are pathetic... if u want to vs, go to pk priv, get exactly the same items, build and you can try vsing

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    everyone knows vs rules :\ and whats fair to use
    they just wanna win somehow / someway

    like cizia says private server is best for vsing
    gear /lvls /class matters in usko more than skills
    in priv server u can play whatever class u want with same gears/lvls

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    Oh ya , let me log my warrior and vs that BP who massives parasites and torments me , and pwns me in 5 hits while I hit him 500.
    OH , and I forgot , he also uses HEALS which makes my attacks pointless.
    That's smart Kalais.[/b]
    You dont even have a warrior.. might want to edit your post

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    yes, thx, thats what i mean

    btw warrior full debuffed still can win, just come ares and u will understand why bp should full debuff warriors, for example "ordeall" has dual rof+3, iron set+3, HELL BREAKER+21 REBIRTH, shell set+9, he got better stats masived, parasited and maliced then 90% of bps... good luck killing him no debuffs and using only pots... same for "betterr", guy with DARK VANE+21 rebirth and eskrima...

    There is no fair vs, ppl get used to it... if u losing, means u need better items or lvl or combo ^_^ every class can win, but KO isnt about vs (at least not on ares, where cz is all time full)

    u can setup some rules for 1vs1 with ur friend in arena

    but in cz just use ALL SKILLS and get ur NP, i dont see point playing any class and not using every single skill to kill ur opponent.[/b]
    beterr got owned with mirage sword +8 and later came back with acid pots how noob he is using acid pots, he doesnt understand that most priest has magic hammer so is pointless , dark vane +21 vs mirage sword +8 no reb. beterr got owned zuhahaaaa

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    damn i hate these topics...

    IMO....only 1 rule in a VS...dont run when dying

    a character class has certain skills for a reason, to use them...

    when ppl saying priests cant duff in vs, its like saying a rogue cant mh, or a warrior cant use blooding etc

    yes there are kind of guide lines, like dont heal as a priest using 2k heal, and all that mumbo jumbo, but never say there are rules

    there are no rules to a VS

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