Hey guys,got one question real fast.I had 10 $ on my KO account,and now when i want to buy something for lets say 8 $ i follow these instructions ''This amount is currently stored on your 'K2Network' account, "s1ncm4ster," for later use. You may use this amount towards your next order for this account, at any time.

To use this balance, you will first need to place a new order, choosing PayByCash as your method of payment. Once you have placed this order, you will be asked if you would like to use the balance that is noted on your account. You will need to select "Yes." ''
but there is no 10 $ lol,it just says pay 8 $,altough if i had 10 $ i could buy that instantly.When i do the support ticket it just redirects me to gamersfirst...so that means my 10 $ is gone xD ?