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How do you make money in Ardream?

This is a discussion on How do you make money in Ardream? within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hello everyone, Since I burned alot of stuff this week I decided to go ardream without babashopping (wel maybe a ...
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    Hello everyone,

    Since I burned alot of stuff this week I decided to go ardream without babashopping (wel maybe a bit)
    I already talked with bankin and his brother on how they do it (respect, 0 babashopping but some very good items )
    But I like to hear some other opinions.
    And don't say upgrading, FUCK THE ANVIL
    What will be the best ways to invest money in? I know about buy low sell high, but what items will do the best, anyone got tips?

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    FT and BDW - and could go boss run after maintance !! thats about it on ardream !!
    plus you could keep on upgrading some fabrics(priest/mage sells more often) to +7 and sell`em it wont cost you that much

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    Dno about fck anvil but imo best coin making is making items like iron bows and shards to plus 6 and merchant them. For low coins always you got option making cleavers 7, fabric 7. Buy and resell items what are below market price like people wanna sell fast and asking very low price for it.

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    best method is merchanting..

    buy low sell high.. spend 30 mins or so in moradon server 1 each day, and its really good profit.. covers my pk scrolls, my potions, my grphons/valks and my pathos glvoes expenses...... Only bad thing is u hafta leave ur computer on all night =/

    besides that, server restarts, FT, and BDW are good $$

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    As akutee said (and refer to the sig) merching is the way to go if you dont like the anvil...sure you will have to risk some items to make a going +5+6 on shells/shards/rappy etc etc...

    In addition, look for people who messed up buying merch and try and capitalize on that opportunity...I made 12gb last week on this...from 1 person

    Or baba it if you cant be assed to try...


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