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Lvl 80-83 with prem and Genie

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    Default Lvl 80-83 with prem and Genie

    Hello guys ,
    I'm wondering how many hours you need to exp (brahman , paramum , with 3-8 people) to get 81 82 or 83
    I'm assasin and with my friend who wil have 2 computers and genie will be warrior and priest , we will both have genie . My clan also exp's so we might have times we will exp with more than 3 people and imagine we wont get ksed ever. I will have exp premium and im lvl 80 does it take long?


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    I once saw a thread where it was explained better but can't seem to find it again. I think it was on the now non existant euko forums.

    Presuming you have exp premium, exp wings, exp armor and helmet, priest don't get bugged when ppl rpr( or full party with genie hammer), don't die, don't disconnect, no lures and no ks and are able to play 24/7 in perfect conditions.

    With a full party at paramun you could get 80-83 in about 3 months.

    This is however in dream conditions wich will never happen.

    The party with 3 ppl would be hard cause when one need rpr your priest (if using genie) will get bugged and stop healing untill you are back in range. You could all use rpr hammers but this is sooooo frigging expensive nobody will ever do it.

    More realistic time is about 5 months if you play hardcore at paramuns with full party. (this is also not easy)

    CZ exp could be better but it is impossible to find ppl to go cz and xp.

    If i find the thread again where it is much better explained i will post it here.

    Prolly ppl will flame on this with i can do this faster or this is impossible but i don't care.

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    brahman and paramun bad for exp for 83 booro or titan good

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