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Merching on laptop

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    Default Merching on laptop

    Ok so i set my laptop to "do nothing" when i close it. (Means that when i open back up it will be at same place before i closed). Anyways i put up merch and then close it but almost everytime i get dc'd. Is there anyway to merch and NOT get dc'd with the laptop closed? (Like i said sometimes it dc's, sometimes it doesn't). I dont wanna have my comp open to merch cause i dont want laptop to overheat. Thanks!

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    i have the same problem as you, right now i merchant 24/7 on my laptop, overnight all the time, if u close the screen, it goes black, and you will dc when u open it, you half to leave it open i know it sucks my fan is blowing out heat, and my room is small and it is boiling and i live in canada :P, it dcs all the time when u close it, sometimes it doesent,

    Heres a tip : keep ur laptop elevated, meaning put something about 1 inch by 1 inch on each corner of ur laptop leaving the bottom empty, it helps a bit... i fold a peice of paper realy small and stick one under each corner;.

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    It should be fine to merch on overnight without closing. I've been using this laptop to play and merch on for 2 years. Merching almost every single night. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LAPTOP COOLING PAD THO. Otherwise you will burn the CPU up after 6 months. A cooling pad makes a HUGE difference.

    On another note...<3 playing KO with touchpad. I cant play with a regular mouse anymore xD. Too used to touchpad.


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