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Money Making Guide

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    my way of making money.
    i spend just 1m on paper arma +1 nd upgrade it to +7 and put hp on it.
    spent 1m made 20m and all the +7 pieces got sold in 2 hrs ^_^

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    Originally posted by MeeP+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(MeeP)</div>
    lol this really works
    only if the market is'nt fucked, ares market = fucked.. [/b]

    hehehe ares market is screwed up majorly

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    another way for high lvl people and have a personal healer... boss hunt =D i made 3 bill in 1 day and it's nice cause it's pretty easy it ranges alot but it's worth it and if you ahve a good friend you can just farm your own uniques =D

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    about 10m-100:

    if you are an int mage level 65+ like me, you need just one priest buffer 1500 /heal 960 to farm Fallen Angel in easy way, just using manes of fire. In one hour, amoung abyss blessing and shell gloves, you can get 100m+, smile all the day and also say: "hey, a mage can tank and became rich here!"

    about 100m+: "operation bus". You have to start with almost 500m in your inventory. go into the 20th abyss floor and buy 500m in bus for 2.4m each. You can resell them for 2.5m - 2.6m and repeat the loop whatever you want. Better way is to wait in the 20th floor before starting the castle siege war. During the csw or after it finishs, im sure you can see: Tax delos 0%. That means bus at 2m each. Now you know what i wanna say! The "selling bus" is slow and sometimes tedious, but it is an infinite loop, be patience and you will become rich without farming any monsters zuahahahahha!!!

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