What's the best "legit" auto looting method in your opinion?

Never had a nymph so i got no idea about it; what's sure is its 700 npoints cost: and that's a lot.
From the description i've found around it seems she has got a 5meters-looting radios and what else? maybe u do not need to feed it like a common pet? Does is work in pk zones and/or in delos? [since a pet does not work there]

A pet looting scrol costs only 250 that's a lot less than nymph's price. ok i might understand u need to feed the pet...but..hell 700vs250 and after all u can still count and pet's buff that stack with the npc buffs. Not so bad if u solo exp...isnt it?
Do i miss something? dunno, maybe somthing like, the pet does not loot properly, time to time misses loots..or what?

Acutally i'm going to use one of those on a mage...