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Question 1 Trading

This is a discussion on Question 1 Trading within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; OK since you can only hold 20 gbs at a time, I have been wondering how most people sell high ...
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    Default Question 1 Trading

    OK since you can only hold 20 gbs at a time, I have been wondering how most people sell high class items for gbs on server. For instance, if selling an IN for 40 GB to someone you don't know or don't trust, do you:

    A. Use a mod
    B. Try to work out a deal for 20gb + items
    C. Make them give you all gbs first
    D. Don't sell to them
    E. ??

    What say you?

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    There is universal currency called iron sets (iron belt, iron neck). Give iron belt and some gbs for it. If you want something expansiver, give iron set etc.
    if you will offering more money, but in diferent items, it is probably that you won't buy it. Iron sets want all ... usually

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    You listed em all basically except one:

    E) If you want to give him more GBS than 21 or only GBs you basically do something like B, but let's the thing is that at the end he will have GBs not the items.

    Let's say he wants to buy YOUR IN for 40gb but he doesn't wanna give 19gb first, so what you do is:

    - He gives you 21gb + Items worth 19gb for the IN
    - He then buys back the extra items for 19gb
    - You now have 40gb.

    If he doesn't have enough items to equal what's missing then you can "sell" him some items and then he trades you 21gb + YOUR items back for the IN so end result is he has IN and you have 40gb.

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    B) the best thing


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