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This is a discussion on QUESTION? within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by SaintKnight Elemental damage( On Rings ) only affect elemental Skills so therefor it only works for mages ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintKnight View Post
    Elemental damage( On Rings ) only affect elemental Skills so therefor it only works for mages sadly . . .
    actually right on 1st part but wrong conclusion

    Btw, back on topic, at the actual state of Usko, those ele rings are mainly used just 4 2reasons:
    1) cheap price
    2) decent stats

    An interesting subject popped up back in the days where few people talked about a so called " ele-combo"; saying it shortly, according to them there's/there was a way to do a sort of ice/slow-combo ( as well as lr/stun-combo )
    against a target.And u could recognize it by a sort of flash-ice/lr ball effect hitting the target.
    Now, that was shouted by some asian ko players, flaming around and saying that usko players didn't still know how to do it.
    So players, i would say, quite a lot of players thought it could be influenced by those ele. rings. But, tbh, if u look at the real facts, it sounds like more a legend than something concrete. Real examples of such a combo happened on usko, can be counted on the fingers of 1 hand. And if u want to know...i 've got the luck to be 1 of those. But tbh, it happened to me just 1 time,without wearing those rings, and during an other ko expansion. And yea the target got slowled. But i have no idea how and why it happened. Considering all the changes on ko game, i barely think such a thing still works.And most of all, considering all the rich people (more or less rich too) that could try shios+3 and 2x chd/shren +8/+9 , have not came out with something "concrete" to show to the whole ko community...i doubt about that "ring-special function".

    BUt as i the beginning of that post..about the "wrong conclusion" of what saintknight still true. the are skills (used by other classes than mages) that are still influenced by those rings.
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