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    Hi all,

    I had taken time off from KO for about 1.5 years and what are the servers like? I see that there have been merges made on servers does this mean its full time turks and full +9s +10s? Whats ardy like?

    ps. this is GAS(GoodAtSex) for those that might know me from C-West ardy as well as RedOctober priest in cz.


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    Anatolia (old cwest) is ok if you still have friends to play with and you can invest some money in gear. Same on Ressurection. Of course, +9/10s are more common on these than on newer servers.
    Piana, one of the newest is also ok. Currently playing in ardream piana in an english clan and I can even pk in rental items and do good (as warrior anyway).At peak times you can see up to 6 parties on each side.
    Market is dead in piana for other classes except rogues (talking about ardream gear). Hard to find +8s atm for warrior for example. There are a few +9s and very few +10s (i only saw 1 until now).
    Piana sometimes has the scent of old cwest in ardream, with balanced parties and gear. But you should basically choose a server where you have friends to play with.

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