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Rebirth upgrade question..

This is a discussion on Rebirth upgrade question.. within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I tried rb a the beginning when it was released.. With or without tears I had very low success. I ...
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    I tried rb a the beginning when it was released.. With or without tears I had very low success. I just go for the big +8/+9 now with trinas

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    OK I will give my 2 cents.

    Lets state some facts:
    -On the website it says that you have the same chance of getting from +7 to +8 and from getting to +1 rev to +5 rev.
    -So let's say upgrading from +7 to +8 is 5%?
    -And each rev upgrade is split equally, +1 to +2 is like +2 to +3.

    Let's get started with the math part.

    You have 4 upgrades from +1 to +5 rev and a total of 5%.

    So 0.05% split 4 ways is 0.05^0.25 = 0.47 = 47% per each upgrade.
    And tears adds like 20%? dunno - that would make it like 67% per each upgrade with tears.

    And for the person saying we would see a lot of +11 rev - no, we wouldn't. Cus to get a +11 rev you need for EACH upgrade to succeed, and those chances are low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atheist View Post
    Dont get the wrong idea tho~, Extrem1st got extreme1y lucky, lol.

    YUP thats really rare honestly and going +1 to +2 is rly risky unless ur rich

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    Im not so into rebirth at +7.. i more like from +7 straight to +8 and reb it than. or not :P
    the chanse is bigger that u makea 1/3 +8 rappy than u make a 1/3 +1/+5 reb rappy
    it cost a lot les.. and a tip from a person the anvil loved. dont be to greedy if u try the 1rst to +8 and it succed let the other 2 +7 and sell them or try them later... ^^

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