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Shard+8 equal trade

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    Default Shard+8 equal trade

    I'm thinking of selling my fresh shard+8 (fresh cuz i made it today by playing with anvil).

    With wich item shuould i trade a shard +8?

    Raptor +8 ?
    Skeleton Belt?
    Hb+7 +money?

    I mean, a shard+8 is a really gg item. But honestly, i'm still unsure about wich character i should play.

    Let's say i was thinking of a rogue or a warrior or bp. ( well i got these 3 chars )

    Actually i have that decent jewels: wp+2, dual fove+0
    Server: Logos

    A)The point is bp_DB is funny but without weapon def you're almost always dead with 1 spike. Therefore i was thinking of a skele

    The bp atm is 65 and use an ms+1reb

    Option a2) trading the shard with an II+8? will it be equal trade?

    B)A warrior is so damn cool due to its high basic def and hp...but he needs ap too for killing or it wont last for was thinking of a rappy +8

    Amt my warr is just 62 got a lugias+7, impact+8 and a rappy+7
    Considering that i really love how just a raptor +7 pwnz..that rappy+8 sounds really nice.

    Option b2) buying a skele for my warrior... (atm he has 0 weap defence)

    C)ABout a rogue... i'll have that shard+8 combined with just a shard+7.

    59 lvl,no valky,no pathos gloves, FP+8 and 2 parts +9 and dd helm+7
    ap with wolf 1400+
    ac when buffed was around 700.

    My doubt is simply. Even if a shard+8 that will pump my rogue will die anyway quite easely...cuz of bad armor/ac / weapon def.

    Or at feeling is that i die fast and even with at shard+8 i'm not able to outdamage fastly others peoples.

    So..what to do.... selling the shard+8, buying a skele and a cleaver+8? ( i'm not that rich to buy 2 shard+8 )

    P.S. Let' s add that i pked today...but as you can immagine, the 99% of times my buff went off due to the mass-cospers invasion with their "Delete Buff hack"
    So maybe, the idea of selling that shard+8, was influenced by that...negative pk-try.

    I'm just loooking for some ideas and suggestion
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    First I would say you should decide which class you want to play and move resources into that particular class. I know that this is the hardest part, the question is really.. do you want 3 okay characters or one really good one. That is up to you to decide. As far as options... since you dont have any weapon defenses, I like the idea of the skelebelt.. however since you are on the fence another good option is the hb+coins.. because the warrior can use the hb and so can the bp. So I like that option. I would sell lugias and impact because I dont see the purpose behind them. I would sell those and pick up the belt and trade the shard for hb + coins and then buy some weapon defense armors as well if that is a concern. I dont see the point in all the weapons. But regardless of what you do, just decide which you want to play on first!

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    i like the idea of owning with a warrior =P

    get urself a hb or rappy and you'll be fine =P

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    +1 for hell breaker
    they so sexy =p

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    i would go for rappy +8 but maybe that is because im ap addicted.


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