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symbol transparancy

This is a discussion on symbol transparancy within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; hey all, i have been looking around on this forum for a good guide on how to do this but ...
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    Default symbol transparancy

    hey all, i have been looking around on this forum for a good guide on how to do this but i havent been able to find one ? i've also tried the one on KoK but it just wont work for me, can any1 tell me what i have to do ?

    edit: i've also tried to look at a few different video's but none of those worked for me to, am using cs3.

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    Transparent Clan Symbol - GamersFirst Forums
    Transparent Cape Symbols since you said you haven't found a guide in g4l

    Are you sure you aren't doing it wrong? :P If neither of these work maybe you should ask someone to make it for you.
    Maybe a thread of how to make transparent gets to be stickied. Anybody interested?
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    nope, that doesnt works for me either, i've done exactly what is being said there, also looked at the small clips, but still wont work for me >.<

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    You shouldn't make it with paint fyi you should use photoshop these are all the steps you need to know..

    "1a. Find the Channel Section -[Left Click] on the {Channels} Tab
    1b. If you canít find the {Channels} Tab -[Left Click] {Window} then [Left Click] {Channels}
    2. Creating an Alpha 1 Channel -[Left Click] on the {Create New Channel} Icon
    3. Select What You Want To Show Up In game -Press [Ctrl+2] To Hide the {Alpha Channel} and to Unhide the {RGB Channel} -Select the {Polygonal Lasso Tool} -Make a cut out of the items you want to show up in game
    4. Making those items White within the Alpha 1 Channel -What ever is Black in the Channel will be Transparent and Wonít show up in game -Press [Ctrl+6] To get back to the {Alpha Channel} -[Left Click] {Edit} Then [Left Click] {Fill} -On the Menu that Pop ups Change, [Left Click] the {Contents Use:} Dropdown bar and change it to {White} -[Left Click] {Ok}"

    There's more steps these are the main ones for making the symbol transparent...

    I make great clan cape symbols pm me the imageshack link of the pic and give me some time and ill take care of it no problem I have to make a sig I just used a ss pic. Simple


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