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Warrior or Priest ? (euko) Helpz!!

This is a discussion on Warrior or Priest ? (euko) Helpz!! within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hello everyone Well basically is this I really dont know which class i want to play , and i was ...
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    Default Warrior or Priest ? (euko) Helpz!!

    Hello everyone

    Well basically is this

    I really dont know which class i want to play , and i was thinking that u guys could help me out with this

    I got "skills" in both , but mostly on BPs

    Im playing at EUKO - EUROPE

    Ill go ADREAM

    Why warrior or priest ?

    Cuz i already got some items for both classes

    I got: Pe+1 , HB+7 Rebith And 50 gbs (Also got at in : Duals OldRocs,Pe,Wp,Skeletonbelt)

    Now the question is

    Are paper bps still pwnage scrolled ?

    If i go BP , is it a good idea going Full paper ?

    What should i get for 50 gbs

    Is that enough for a bp in this server ?


    What about a warrior ?

    What should i get? . still they a powerfull chars ?

    Thank you guys

    Ill need your opinion

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    Tbh with the 25 dd as bp you might not die that fast.

    I'm not familiar with the prices but what you basically need is paper 25 dd helmet gb/Skelly and roc & foverin and I'd get WE instead of PE. And get a DS +6 and valk wings with hp and def (wings hp valks 1 def 1 hp).

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