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This is a discussion on APEXKO.COM | v2121 - MINI EXPANSION LAUNCH (07.04.2017) | PK / LIGHT-FARM within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I'm seriously considering of starting a mensa group on these forums. I'm not religious but holy mother of jeebus how ...
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    I'm seriously considering of starting a mensa group on these forums. I'm not religious but holy mother of jeebus how people still manage to surprise me with their stupidity.

    I'm quite sure a petition to ban razor would gather a whole bunch of names, but that's because idiots always get annoyed and frusturated when they have to read something smart. Which, in razor's case, is usually something witty.

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    Offtopic: Razor is scared to laugh on Vent.
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    Syed's Nuts


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    Quote Originally Posted by alex987 View Post
    Will it be official for holidays? i guess not considering its alpha?
    We're working as fast as we can, getting fixes out there for various things every day.
    I can't however answer with a no (or yes) to that question as we haven't yet discussed it internally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chriz View Post
    Offtopic: Razor is scared to laugh on Vent.
    Aww that's adorable.

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    Are you going to do some advertises on Turkish-KO forums ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crime View Post
    Are you going to do some advertises on Turkish-KO forums ?
    Ofcourse they will by the time they plan on releasing official.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScreameR View Post
    Ofcourse they will by the time they plan on releasing official.
    I guess he's asking because:

    1. They know that twostars 'hates' turks and
    2. The DDoS attacks this server going to receive... gosh, I don't even want to think about it.

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    I've barely played KO in the past couple years but I'm totally down to support anything from twoey considering how much he's helped this community and feed my KO addiction :P I'll definitely be playing, looks awesome!

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    I`ll gift my kidney to twoey so he can buy decent Ddos protection , np :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chriz View Post
    Offtopic: Razor is scared to laugh on Vent.

    Oh shit, hahahahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreekaleeK View Post
    Oh shit, hahahahaha.
    I dunno, is chris' statement supposed to be a sick burn or something? ._.

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    so is there any information ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoOneCanStopMe View Post
    so is there any information ?
    About what?

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    This week's felt really slow in terms of updates, but it's because we've been spending so much time delving into the client reversing this behaviour to be sure it's going to work as expected (i.e. no surprises).

    I haven't actually been doing up update threads the last couple of days either, but there have been server updates, so I'll do up a thread for the backlogged updates soon.

    Right now we're still working on ensuring skills are thoroughly checked to prevent abuse; we spent a bit of time tweaking our fundamental method behind checking skill times so that latency is not a factor (as latency is the largest problem with anything like that), which is working great. We still need to adapt this for speed hack checks (before we finally re-enable them), but that shouldn't take long.

    Otherwise, at the moment they're mostly fine and aren't impacted by latency anymore, but we still need to do two things:
    1. Fix cast times, since the client hasn't actually used the skill's cast time itself directly for a very long time (think transformations). This took a while to confirm to be sure we weren't missing anything (spent the last couple of days reversing it), but we've got it pretty much down now -- so all's left is importing all the "effective" cast times & tweaking the server to use their appropriate cast time.
    2. Implement projectile time delays. Earlier on I'd already imported all the projectile velocities, so at this point all we need to do is tweak the "skill hit" step for projectile skills to implement this check.

    I'll do up the importer today to get all the effective cast times prepared, and Aesteris will update those checks in preparation for them.

    We've also implemented things like enforcing stealth server-side, so "Lupine" hacks don't work; ordinarily players are sent to the clients even while stealthed, the client just chooses not to show them because they're stealthed. Lupine hacks toggle the client's "lupine mode" buff flag which causes it to then show those stealthed players. Here, we ensure stealthed players aren't sent to those clients at all unless/until you can view stealthed players or their stealth buff is removed, so toggling that mode client-side does nothing at all.
    As a side-note, GMs are working the same way.

    That should pretty much conclude abuse checks for skills, but do need to go back over them to be sure there's nothing obviously remaining.

    Once skills are out the way (and really, right now, skills are pretty much completely implemented -- the only thing "breaking" skills right now are the previously mentioned "off" cast time checks), we can tweak speedhack checks similarly, give them a good test, focus on the existing reported issues, then go over events again.

    BDW is fine. This really doesn't need any further testing at this point.
    Juraid Mountain is fine, excluding any specific mob stat issues which were tweaked, but not yet retested.
    Chaos Dungeon is mostly fine, but we may need to tweak how rankings are handled for rewards (or well, the cube rewards) -- need to double-check that still. There may also be an issue with the saw blades not spawning on alpha (probably something stupid), but we'll look into that before next run.
    Bifrost works fine, though we're not 100% sure on the amount the poison gas is taking. Do need to implement the script to gain access to Ultima (err, whatever they renamed it to), but otherwise it's fine.
    CSW wasn't actually tested yet, though it (1.298 implementation, not the new implementation) worked fine when we initially implemented it.
    Krowaz Dominion is something we'd really like to get implemented (for the sake of the zone existing -- I'm really not even talking about the drops, just the zone itself. Just so the zone's there/usable for whatever we want to use it for.), but USKO's had it disabled since forever so we haven't been able to log it. Either way, we can mock it up -- most "special" behaviour there is the rolling stones, which is basically like MSS.
    UTC is *mostly* just bosses with fancy skills, but we haven't implemented it at all yet. So we'll need to go spawn those bosses, setup the map for the portal things, and see where that leads us.

    (Dark &) Lunar wars are fine.
    Nereids still needs to be run over (I know we're still missing updating fancy client status things, so we'll have to go over that one again -- I've at least reversed all those, so it shouldn't take long).
    Oreads' guard tower transformations & burning logs still needs updating for 2.0xx (was fine for 1.9xx), but otherwise it works fine.

    King system works, though the election process itself hasn't been retested yet. Tempted to clean all that out with a rewrite though, as following the mgame implementation is confusing and really, really unnecessary... but we'll see what happens.

    All in all, the server's doing pretty good, we've even fixed a few official (client) bugs, e.g. "Blinding strafe" / "Smoke screen" resetting the victim's view distance to something insane (which kills performance [though I don't think I actually fixed Blinding strafe yet -- most likely a separate handler I still need to fix identically, but Smoke screen's fixed at least]), and enabling things like character deletions & reselections (which still needs to have further work done to preserve skillbar data and enforce combat time restrictions, etc).

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