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Best private server - Rising4Chaos - Join now

This is a discussion on Best private server - Rising4Chaos - Join now within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Tired of USKO and all this corruption and cheaters and bad customer support ? Tired of JPKO server where you ...
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    Default Best private server - Rising4Chaos - Join now

    Tired of USKO and all this corruption and cheaters and bad customer support ?
    Tired of JPKO server where you have low english community and you can be banned ?
    Tired of private servers with low amount of players where you can't have fun ?

    Join the best private of Knight Online : Rising4Chaos

    This server has been reset about 1 month ago to clean all the previous cheats and give a fresh start to the new players. So join now and try to be one of the top player.
    It has a lot of active players (250+) but we need again more to make it more fun !

    Rising4Chaos is a level 83 cap server, meaning the max level you can achieve is level 83. In this server you have all the current JPKO skills fully working, along with custom Rising4Chaos skills that you will recieve at level 83.
    This server also has all the current new JPKO maps that were decoded by ourselfs. It's a server with the most up-to-date skills and gameplay with most 17xx JAPKO stuff.

    It's a very secure server where you can't use cheats such as TBL / Macro / Koxp / Merchant Hack / Multi client / etc. Also, there is a security option like seal/unseal which enable you to protect your items (inventory + INN).

    Rising4Chaos has a fully working :
    • Bi-frost
    • Forgotten temple
    • Chaotic generator
    • Forgotten generator
    • Castle siege war
    • Lunar wars
    • King System
    • Rental system for all classes
    • Quests for special weapons/shields
    • Long capes
    • NPs competition every month which reward the top 5 players
    • Power Up Store : Buy scrolls / Features (Nation Transfer, Gender Change, Name Change scroll) / New items +0 / ...

    Rising4Chaos is a PK server and farm server.

    • You will start with basic stuff (quest jewels) and will be able to farm +7/+8 armors very easy.
      You can buy HP/AC/Wolf/.. scrolls on sundries and obtain Silver bars/Full plate armors outside moradon by killing worms.
      You are lvl60 master automatically and can buy all 70+ quest items needed to be able to use the skills above level 70.
      Shell armor drops on harder monsters (Trolls / Crimson Wings / Golems / etc...)

    • To make armors +8/+9, you will need farm high mobs and spend some time on anvil.
      Also, to get good jewels, you will have to farm boss in CZ/Eslant/Isiloon/Felankor/Ultima/Forgotten Frontiers/Bifrost/Luferson/EMC.
      Uniques only drops from BOSSES ! Drop rate is normal so it wont take you forever to kill a single player !

    • Leveling is easy only at a certain level (Werewolfs, lycans, Bultures best exp in Moradon ). Once you get a higher lvl then go to Colony or eslant for high exp (EXAMPLE~ Paramun's give 41mill+ EXP) or try Bi-FROST for UBER EXP and drops.
      You can reach lvl83 max in several hours.

    Rising4Chaos have the new items (armors / weapons / shields / Uniques) such as :
    [list][*]New armors, Dragonflight, Mythril, Rons and Trial armor.[*]Garujesu weapons, Undefeatable Raum, Undefeatable Baal, Undefeatable Wirinom, Undefeatble Leonar, Undefeatable Windforce, Eaggle's Eyes, ...[*]Non-Flammable Shield, Gab Blessing, Dread Shield, ....[*]Legionnaire band, Howling rooster, Heros Valour, Minotaurs earing, Lich kings pride, Lillimes Enticement, Judicious Belt, String of Skulls, ...

    You can kill monsters ingame for Forgotten temple and Juraid mountain items and uniques !

    ALL SKILLS at every class works and do what they should.
    RisingKO even has the new 'level 83' skills THAT ALL WORKS for every class without any problems which is even more reason why you should come and play!

    Battle Cry (Warrior lvl83 skill)

    All bosses :
    • Eslant
    • Colony Zone
    • Moradon
    • Luferson
    • El Morad Castle
    • Forgotten Frontiers
    • Bifrost
    • Isiloon
    • Felankor
    • Ultima

    Revenge knight


    With about 250+ players online, you will not be bored and will always find PK so don't wait anymore and join Rising4Chaos.

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    Undefeatable Raum + Cut Snake Tail (+0)

    Undefeatable Lenonar + Gab's blessing

    Undefeatable Wirinom

    The new two-Handed sword!

    The new Dagger!

    The new Bow!

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    The new One-handed Spear and Shield!

    Orc Mage Armor

    Orc Priest Armor

    Orc Rogue Armor

    Orc Warrior Armor

    Human Female

    Human Male

    Barbarian Warrior Armor

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    wrong section......

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    stay in private ko section pls.

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    kool armors and pretty kool weapons. But yea. Wrong section dude.

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    Delete this post.

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    not Turkey


    Those new armors and weapons look retarded tbh :/

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    In deep d4rk forest, with thick mists is something valuable hidden.The Village of Golden Tribesman


    maybe privat servers shouldnt have been allowed here after all ?

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    Topic moved to appropriate section

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    btw , u can donate anything is this server
    before they whipe the server there was an option of transfring nps for like 30 pound
    only things these people care about is your money

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    Like K2 / Gamer1st

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    server is GG everything works etc but the owner/Gm sucks
    never on unactive
    0 event
    money whores
    and when u tell the thing like what they did wrong /ban you
    if the server had better owner/Gm it would have been best Private server

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    Server sucks.... $$ based, even worse than k2. Played for a short time on rhea, but owner fucked up by putting insane prices on scrolls -> unable to pk unless you donate/ voted for server.

    rising is basicly... donate or get owned.
    Last edited by simontjeuh; 12-16-2009 at 10:16 AM.

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    More active GM's in game would be nice.

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