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EkoeolisKO - New Server Xarika - April 21 th - Breth/Piana - New Map Old Maradon

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    Thumbs up EkoeolisKO - New Server Xarika - April 21 th - Breth/Piana - New Map Old Maradon

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    Looking good so far. Just give us some more information about:
    - Upgrade rates;
    - Droplist;
    - Sellingprice of BUS to NPC;
    - prices and weight of potions;
    - How to obtain 1500 HP/300 AC/Attack power/ Speed scrolls;

    After that information people can decide wether they want to play or not.


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    Upgrade Rates original Myko

    Droplist;Ekoeolis Game Xarika Mykos Come Back - Home Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekoeolis View Post

    In addition you can use your knight cash as long as Xydonis as Kronos Server.
    People were asking me about if that we were open a new server because of that copy paste this admin made on this thread, to make things clear, it is not oldschoolko, I think this guy made a copy/paste from my announcement because his low level of English writing, and please Ekoeolis delete that mistake you did on your first thread because as far as i see you dont have any server called KRONOS and XYDONIS here.


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    Obvious copy paste from OldSchool server and naming servers that arent on your server wich is causing confusion between the users of the forum that plays OldSchoolKO, you're free to REMAKE a new advertising topic but if you gonna "copy paste" atleast dont confuse people with such info and change some stuff so people doesnt jump talking crap on your server's thread.

    Locking this.

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