Euro PvP V.2063

Version 2063 is the very latest USKO version.

Server Release date - 6th of March! 5pm gmt(+0)
Server type - PVP

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Download client - V.2063 Client (Now Available) - Download Client - Invision Power Board
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* STILL ABLE TO GAIN EXP WHILE PVP [ ONLY WAY POSSIBLE ] ALL PK ZONE AVAILIBLE! You will never have so much fun in another server, guaranteed!


* New character along with new skills all working!
* Rebirth system [ when level 83 and 100% ]
* Fishing system
* All Under the castle items, updates!
* NP store
* Monster stone zone
All items including Undefeatable, Giant Bombastic, Faul items skills working. [ see below ]
* Chaos stone in Ronark land.
* Clan name change.
* Killing a player in Ronark land will give you a random PVP item at a certain percentage.
* All PVP zones such as Ardream, Ronark land base and Ronark land will be open.
* Chat rooms
* All Ronark land missions active
* Experience seal
* Ronark land, Ronark land base and Ardream will all be available. Level restrictions apply on the Ardream and Ronark land base zones.