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This is a discussion on Fierce KO within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; FierceKO Will be wiped on Friday, August 6th, 2010. KoPanel FierceKO World Client MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and ...
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    Default Fierce KO

    FierceKO Will be wiped on Friday, August 6th, 2010.

    KoPanel FierceKO World
    Client MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    Forum FierceKO Categories

    Server Info
    - Easy level-up at worms
    - Server Cap is currently 76 (working our way to 80 soon)
    - Max upgrade is +8
    - Accesories are +0 max
    - Fun balanced pk!
    - Killing bosses will give you lottery tickets, collect 8 tickets and hand them into GM or ADMIN for a weapon of choice!


    Drop List

    - Worms: gold bars, master scrolls, beginner accesories, random beginner weapons(uniques), etc.

    - Kecons/Kecon Warriors: Raptor, Shard, Iron Bow, Elixer, Iron impact, Priest Impact, Totamat Spear, Impact, All Shell Armor for all classes. (all +5)

    - Gavalts/Fury Gavalts: 1500hp scroll, 300 ac scroll, attack scroll, lion scroll, swift scroll

    - Lycans: Mage skill scrolls

    - Mindless[X]: Warrior Earing, Rogue Earing, Mage Earing, Cleric Earing (low rate)

    - Heartless[X]: Ring of Courage, Ring of Magic, Ring of Life (very low rate)

    Colony Zone
    Bach: Ring of Courge (low rate)

    Duke: Ring Of Life (low rate)

    Bishop: Ring Of Magic (low rate)

    Blood Don: Dagger Defence helmit for most classes

    Javana: Javana Axe

    Samma: Giga Axe

    El Morad Castal/Luferson Castal
    -Tyon: Full Plate Armor and Chitin Armor for all classes

    - Lycans: Mage skill scrolls

    Krowaz (Cursed Weapons [super rare])
    - Krowaz: Gab Sheild

    - Minotaur: Nebiros

    - Cuff Binder: Wirinom

    - Giga Hammer: Baal

    - Lilime: Fulitol

    - Bone Dragon: Wind Force

    - Deva Bird: Leonard

    - Knight of Betrayal: Raum

    - Cockatrice: Faun

    - Leech King: Molok

    -Bosses here like USKO will drop intermidiate accesories at a higher rate!

    - 100% to +8
    - .0005% to +9
    (note: Trina Needed for 20% chance at +9)

    War Times
    - Random days
    - Server time will be many people are online with balanced nations!
    - Wars will be from 30-60mins
    - Invasions will last for 30-45mins
    - War Reward: If you kill the opposing nations keeper in a war you will recive a trinas PieceKiller of keeper will need to take a screen shot of him/her killing the Keeper of the opposing nation, and show the GM/Admin.

    - We are now accepting donations for server.
    - Check Donations in Fourm for details on Donation items!

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    why is that that gabs isnt a super rare drop aswell?

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    Best PS played by me in a long time, Good stability, good dev team, Great GM's, active events, just need a few more players! Try this server out, it is really fun and well worth your time! also invite ure friends so we can get cz packed

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    aq fib <3....some cool people, gay corrupt admin...banns people for no reason -_-

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    Very chill players, but obviously there is the occasional hacker... *cough**cough* but its a good community and admins arnt corrupt at all.

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    I just downloaded it and it says I need updated version if you could please post a link that would be great

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    nevermind i figured it out :P


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