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Well yesterday i was so bored that i decided to try a private server after a year + brake.
I looked around this section and stumbled upon this server. It looked promising. So i downloaded it and tried it.
The problems:

1. Yesterday evening i tried to make an account, but the panel was bugged. i managed to register today, and the panel is screwed again.
2. I guess they put out a big patch yesterday so that's why things are screwed, but the server should not be online then. better take it offline
3. The server is lvl 80 cap, not 70 as i found out after 4-5 hours of farming.
4. The drops are screwed atm, nothing drops coins, and the anvil rates are a little too low imho.
I hope you will fix it and get more ppl to come play at your server, it looks like a fun server and every player i encountered was friendly and helpful.

All in all if you wanna try it wait for a couple of days till they fix all the bugs that came with the patch.

Grim made a HUGE mistake by releasing the lvl 80 expansion. So many things were not ready i can honestly say that was the worse time for someone to join the server.

It should be released on Saturday and with lvl 72 cap which personally i really really like. Once they are done working on all the lvl 80 cap stuff they will release expansion.

Server has a very nice comunity and its deffenetly worth a try, anvil rates are fine if Grim makes farming harder (lowering drop rates or putting drops on harder mobs) then i agree rates should be raised but it was fine as it was before. People would mostly PK on their +7s and some +6s, very few had +8s. And the people that had all +8s had them thanks to GM corruption, an issue that Grim was very fast to resolve.

All and all you should give this server a try, its tons of fun.