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~ G1Network.NET[ HomeKO Usko cloak,CHAOS ( 04/09/2012 - Clock(TR) : 19:00 ) ONLİNE

This is a discussion on ~ G1Network.NET[ HomeKO Usko cloak,CHAOS ( 04/09/2012 - Clock(TR) : 19:00 ) ONLİNE within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; CHAOS EXPANSION ONLY G1NETWORK'DE ! Server İP : G1Network.NET KoPanel : [ G1Network | PANEL ] Yedek İP : ...
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    Default ~ G1Network.NET[ HomeKO Usko cloak,CHAOS ( 04/09/2012 - Clock(TR) : 19:00 ) ONLİNE


    Server İP : G1Network.NET

    KoPanel :[ G1Network | PANEL ]

    Yedek İP :

    Face Book ADRESS == >>

    [ G1Network | Face ]

    [ G1Network | Full Client ]


    USKO STILL floating cloak !

    Dear Knight Lovers,

    We 04/Eylül/2012 G1Network Newline Project in Turkey on Saturday Time: 19:00 also due to be opened quite happy to say.

    I'm sure many of you wonder what we do in the meantime
    're probably. Newline working on a new project. A few
    is now safer and more fun with new G1Network.

    Why G1Network play?

    The study is the work of a long bi G1Network, up to this time taking into account the mistakes made homeko servers We will be working with a team of high quality.
    Homeko those who miss the taste of the market, unable to provide for calling ordinary HomeKO'lardan Knight Online fans look forward to all of this experience.


    Be the BDW 1.Lisanslı DC
    1.2 VS 1 Npc
    3.Gemi War
    There will be more and more!

    A better result going to be reset or shutdown?

    Re-opening of the iligili,
    Period of time was past, and these errors are listed and corrected some mistakes, we guarantee that errors will not occur again.

    Items lost Dupe result going to be a server or

    There is absolutely no net in the dupe. If you quit taking your hands from getting lost item Res SAVE item lost.

    What is G1Network?

    G1Network knightseverleri is intended to bring together any
    resistance to attack or attacks, a server. This
    When we succeed really quite excited. That before
    promising them, and fail to realize that many of the server.
    G1Network] Introducing Private homeko database.

    Edit the item for sale available?

    G1NETWORK team valuable players in the game not even think about the word'' edit'' are confident that he will not come.

    What is the upgrade rates?

    Armor and Weapon Upgrade:
    100% up to +5
    [+5]> [+6] = 70%
    [+6]> [+7] = 40%
    [+7]> [+8] = 15% (+8 pressure switches to notice the name)
    [+8]> [+9] = 0%
    [+9]> [+10] = 0%

    Taki Upgrade Ratio:
    [+0]> [+1] = 0%
    [+1]> [+2] = 0% (+2 Jewelry is closed will be opened in the future)
    [+2]> [+3] = 0%
    [+3]> [+4] = 0%

    Why play with G1Network?

    Because the server will offer you a perfect farm. Tricks and Moves
    Do not worry about all these problems because all settled
    you will see the official created ..

    Server with Turk?

    Not exactly. When we decided to make this server from many locations,
    We have helped many people, and really knows the business. Still with us
    together. What is Turkish or foreign farkederki this game and the Turks
    imperatives. There is harmony, we can take it

    If you are still G1Network in Cash and Premiumunuz Knigth
    Do not worry there are the premium and Knight Cash balance
    use the new Server ..

    What else do you have such features?

    What's new in the game, a team ekledik⠀ | G1Network the most important
    One of our principles equality. In this respect, and that before
    then everyone is equal in the game for us. However, the mouth of one bag
    büzelim s not. We will continue to do the right thing. Accordingly, a
    ended up working out. Accordingly,

    ~ G1Network.NET ~

    Start G1Network item 4 JOP

    from the server will return

    ~ G1Network'e OZEL SKIN . ~

    Server and databases, GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS

    * Turkish Character Are Engel, Introduction Whilst you open ID careful.
    * On server Trina are free. (+ Ratio increases by 10%.)
    * Edit Server is not subject to a condition such as
    * As we have stated is that your happy necessarily based on a fair game.
    * Database was made specifically and in a way never would not contain the bug.
    * All characters are equal, all the skills that trouble-free operation.
    * USKO EFFECT enabled.
    * GameMaster team is mourning +22 7/24 online and experienced.
    * Items pressure +8 +2 dorptan valuable item name when it falls through

    * Server auto record
    * Is preferable to gain membership of the panel
    * Turkish Character Dupe Fix
    * No Unnecessary database and a Table and Procedure None.
    * Character is built on such Itemlerle Rises.
    * Auto G1 System [First 5 Clan g0, g1 rest.]
    * Class were equal. No CLAS, there is no other ClassA üstünliğü.
    * 100 Squared, 100-square of the Symbol,
    * STAT-SKILL reset smoothly.
    * Smooth Lunar War.
    * When finished Np NP-51 NP-UP Give your NPCs. [Npt Blocked]
    * Excellent Edit a DB'sidir homeko Database.

    Shio Tears our database, Flame Ring, Ring İmir available.
    75 Blooding Warrior skill is turned off. (Reason for 1k shooting serialized.)
    Else there is no problem.

    * İron Neackle & Belt + Glass Belt Drobu off!!!

    * Shell Dropları *
    Troll Berserker: +5 All Job Sheller
    Captain Troll: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    Dark Stone: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    Troll Warrior: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    The Crimson Wing: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    Brahman: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    Paramun: +5 All Job Sheller [25%]
    Falcon (=) Chitin Shell Boots +5 [25%]

    # Weapon # Dropları
    ~ Evil Wizard Weapons drop compared to 20%;
    ~ Raptor, Shard, Iron Impatch, Graham, Mirage Dagger, Elixir Staff, and so on.
    ~ Evil Wizard = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ Doom Soldier = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ Apostle of Flames = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ Apostle of Piercing Cold = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ Troll Shaman = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ The Dark Knight = Random EXP +5 item
    ~ Chipotera = Random EXP +5 item
    # # Other Droplar
    ~ [70] Quest Item Quest Item = All joblar 70 (+5)

    '' Forwarded'' Silver Coin
    Atilla = +1 Priest pendant / Pendant Warrior / Elemental Pendant
    Harpy: Mirage Dagger +5
    Troll: Glave +5
    Apostle: Salamander Staff +5
    Lamia: +5 Full Plate Armors
    Lamiros: +5 Full Plate Armors
    Stone Golem: Chitin Armors +5
    Giant Golem: Chitin Armors +5
    Titan: Chitin Armors +5
    Troll Captain: Chitin Shells Helmet +5
    Troll Berserker: Chitin Shells Gauntlet +5
    Dark Stone: Chitin Shells +5 Pads
    The Crimson Wing: Chitin Shells Boots +5
    Troll Warrior: Chitin Shells Gauntlet +5
    Centaur: Shard +5
    Flame Rock: Raptor +5
    Manticore: Elixir +5
    Lamentation: Mirage Sword +5
    Evil Wizard: Exceptional Items
    Doom Soldier: Exceptional Items
    Apostle of Flames: Exceptional Items
    Apostle of Piercing Cold: Exceptional Items
    Troll Shaman: Exceptional Items
    The Dark Knight: Exceptional Items
    Chipotera: Exceptional Items, Chitin Shells
    Eslant Boss
    Samman = Giga (+5)
    Troll King = Unique Earrings (Usko Style)
    Harpy Quen = Unique Earrings (Usko Style)
    Dragon Tooth = Dragon tooth hammer (+5)
    Snake Queen = Unique 'Necklace-Amulet's (Usko Style)
    Talos = Unique Belt'ler (Usko Style)

    Bi-Frost CZ Evil Wizard Slot'larına Usko placed .. CLOSED BF ..

    Isiloon = Unique Item's
    Ultima = Unique Item's
    Felankor = Unique Item's

    Server İP : G1Network.NET
    KoPanel :[ G1Network | PANEL ]
    Yedek İP :

    Facebook Adress == >>
    [ G1Network | Face ]

    GAME system.

    Online GMs. (I just need to not play in the forum ⠀ "both on facebook ⠀" twitter and MSN.)
    With all the changes related to the game players will be discussed and decided.
    Drop list is definitely difficult. Any changes will be announced in the game or in the forum.

    Forgetten Temple is closed, will open later time,

    Castle Siege War is Off, Game Clans will be opened when it is ready (approximately 1 month)

    Kingdom deactivated for now, next time can be active within.
    Border Defense War,
    Such as the war in the same USKO weeks 3 days, the days of the war tekrarlanicaktir 3 times ..
    The new cheat detection system (artificial intelligence) has been developed.
    Merchant in the game Knight Cash (Knight Cash Voucher) option to sell.
    Your Name on automatically when you drop any notice repetad one boss Uniqe.
    +7 And +8 upgrades automatically will now jump Your Name with the notice.

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    ur server gonna fail bad, just saying

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    Don't we already have a topic like this?

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