Surprise gifts for new players to begin ;

7 days Dragon Wings
Free Oreads fairy ( Box Picking )
3 Days Genie

and a lot of updates are waiting for you !
Farm and PK enjoy with you in GmR Game !

# Working together with our version upgrades, errors encountered in the past has been closed.Our team has gained experience in many aspects will remove your face again no error occurred problem.
# Our ticket system has been renovated to detailed questions and bug reporting
and you can contact gamemaster in game.Our manager game (GM) are people who have enough experience and knowledge necessary game communication.Managers will establish a good friend-friend relationship with you.
# You can express your wishes and demands on beta version .
Our study considering the regulations and recommendations will be made on your opinion.
# We will continue to work the way believed, We will provide you with the best and long game .
We will add color to our adventure with a new term events.

  • v1977 The best graphics and features Knight Online version ( Farm )
  • The original version of the game and lead the activities ( Events )
  • Excellent game covered bugs and fiction with experience
  • Fun Farm system, arranged slots and seamless task systems
  • Location private and special protection (Netherlands NFORCE - HYPERFILTER)
  • Only sales of Power Up Store items
  • Active Game Masters in-game
  • Improved protection system for v1977 (ACME)
  • 1 level unfurnished initial and some special gifts
  • Register on our website and secure accounting system
  • Original Clan system, donations, symbol, skill and systematic damage
  • Valuable prizes for our players
  • New calendar of events and a variety of activities
  • and in a lot of features meet with you in GmR Game ...

Castle Siege War

Ronark Land

Border Defense War

Chaos Dungeon

Juraid Mountain

Lunar War

Snow War

Alseids Prairie

Napies Gorge

Nereid's Island



Forgetten Temple

Playful and spectacular social events are waiting for you !!

Awards and Competitions

# Monthly; the player who scores the first of our monthly rankings gift Samsung Tablet
# Raffle and other activities which will be a gift Android Phone
# The first player to reach level 83 gift 5400 KC
# The second player to reach level 83 gift 3600 KC
# The third player to reach level 83 gift 2000 KC
# The first clan winner of the CSW gift per person 1800 cash point