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InternationaLKO - NEW SERVER ATHENA %100 Old Myko AT JUNE 13 (20:00 G.M.T +3 )

This is a discussion on InternationaLKO - NEW SERVER ATHENA %100 Old Myko AT JUNE 13 (20:00 G.M.T +3 ) within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Dear Players ; First , We are grateful for the all interest you have shown.we always want to indicate that ...
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    Default InternationaLKO - NEW SERVER ATHENA %100 Old Myko AT JUNE 13 (20:00 G.M.T +3 )

    Dear Players ;

    First , We are grateful for the all interest you have shown.we always want to indicate that our first priority is presenting the best myko experiance and fun to our players.
    Referring to myko with a longer history , we have opened our game despite the attacks and in time as we were promised. in normal conditions, another servers cannot resist ddos attacks but their attacks dont affect us enough.
    We didnt close our server at 3rd day like another servers and Our server which has opened at 25th may is still online. We have not aimed to sell you preminium and exp. scrolls this is why gaining exp is easy.
    we allow you to level up without preminium and exp. scrools.
    it was our fist time launch a server but we are one of the most well known myko servers and We are continuing to grow.

    As you know, there were some problems in Argos. In this 1.5 month process, We improve ourselves and learn what you want and how we make you happy.
    We fixed a lot of bugs and now our server is perfect. We lose some players because of fixing bug process and final exams of our players but our patient players have seen that we have fixed our bugs in every restart.
    We have never ignored your questions and problems. We have always answered them. We always attend to your tickets, our forum and facebook and we have supported it with our online GMs. We decided to open a new server.

    We want to present a great, crowded myko database to you from scratch to provide fun.
    We are pretty sure and we believe our second server will be biggest myko server in its segment.

    What you should know about our new server " Athena "

    -First, You can transfer your kc to our new server.
    -You dont have to worried about the character in argos. Our server will be open and it will merge with athena in the upcoming months.
    - The medal system have been added to our database and it will be active in our new server athena. Medal's drops will be trina, 1500 buff , 300 ac , dex, str, hp , mp scrools.
    -Styx ( archer skill ) is totally fixed and optimized cooldown time.
    -catapult's damage reduces to 900 from 1800.
    - You have already known csw, forgetten temple , bdw and lunar war function properly and we added bi-frost.
    -Parasite bug is fixed
    -Hero scrolls added to PUS.( you can see in argos )
    -In Athena your character will stand up throne.
    - We fixed our biggest problem, Your computer doesnt get frezee anymore when you play archer or make minor heal.

    All the bugs in argos have been fixed and with the experience we've got We'll present you best , most crowded , most durable , most original and international myko server.


    Our Company have alternative anti cheat 2x full and special system.
    We use Soacs Full Version.

    1-) Our company bought Soacs full system. Our company have Soacs full system+ Special acme. Now we promise 0 koxp- 0 cheat.

    2-) Only Special system for our Company.

    %100 Trustable game...

    We offer you a server without lag and DC problems. We know that DC and lag problems are the main problems that servers lose their users.
    Our development team is very exhausted and sleepy. At the same time, they are very excited to serve you the best myko server experience.

    InternationalKo is coming up with a lot of features, here is some of them:
    - InternationalKo is a long-termed server that will never be shut.
    - InternationalKo has the maps: Breth Village, Piana Village, Colony Zone, Old Moradon with Flags of the Top Clans and Monuments of the Top Users.
    - InternationalKo NPCs have the new drop list.
    - InternationalKo server has no connection problems like lag etc. So, you can surf on the internet while the knight online client is working.
    - InternationalKo has different new item system which are dropped in knight medal.
    - InternationalKo has unique anti cheat system which is developed by Special ACME.(OUR Company and Acme Company have deal. And Speciakl Acme working only our server and %100 auto update and fixing %100)

    InternationalKo basic game-system properties:
    - Level 62 cap pk,farm.
    - Old style knight online 100%.
    - All of the map is available. (Breth and Piana Village, Teleports, Npcs, Mobs and Spots)
    - There is no Red Chitins for a while.
    - There is no job change scroll for a while.
    - There is no Etharot event.
    - Some of experience quests are available.
    - The item upgrade limit is +7.(Next Time +8)
    - The jewel upgrade limit is +1.

    - Obtainable maximum qualified armors are chitin armors. (There will be no chitin shell armors)
    - Leader points will be reset per month; and you can get squared or nonsquared signs, up to your leader and knight national points.
    - The WH, SH, Dupe, Tbl bugs are fixed.
    - InternationalKo is a unique and special server that will be timeless. Therefore, you can play on this server for years.
    - You can see the other players' belongings on the website.

    Why InternationalKo will be unique and special for users? Because;
    - We are an honest team.
    - We have been working hard to create this server for Myko lovers almost for 4 months.
    - The server is secure for users. We are sure that they won't have any problems with security.
    - 7/24 active GMs for helping people and providing security.
    - There is no quest jewels.
    - There is no old jewels.
    - Finally, we guarantee that InternationalKo is a timeless server, not like other PvP servers that shut in 4-5 months.

    InternationalKo website is offering you:
    - Anti-Hack account system. (You can block your account on our website)
    - Ticket system.
    - 7/24 online GMs that can help you in Spanish, English and Turkish languages. ( We observed lots of jobberies on other Myko servers. We won't make
    this mistake in our server. And we promise that we will show you our seriousness about this topic. )
    - With dedicated server Cisco Guard, you can play safely without hacker and buggers.
    - You can get your KnightCash on PUS service easily. Then, you can trade your KnightCash at merchants.

    Official Opening : 13.06.2014 ( JUNE 13 )

    Web Site :

    Forum :

    Facebook :

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    İnternationalko Turk bad server. Oldschoolko new server name vulcano coming soon

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    haha bringing out a new server already! i guess the people who said they were money hungry were right lol

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    Wow lol, already a new one that must be a record ><

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    "Why InternationalKo will be unique and special for users? Because;
    - We are an honest team."

    pffffffffffff, fuck that. GM's sell +1 uniques after 1 month of server for less than 10k kc.
    Even full sets. The more you buy, the cheaper it will come.

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    LOL new server after TOSA yourko opened , dude its not even 1 month since u opened your old server , and u sold clan leader ( forgot his nick ) uniqes and gears since u know him in real life .. fuk that shit.

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    Another scammer, do not play this faking server

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    turks player say a lot of bad words also.. i think new server will lost lower time and have less players lol... they are scrumbags bad admins

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    Quote Originally Posted by SERREOS View Post
    turks player say a lot of bad words also.. i think new server will lost lower time and have less players lol... they are scrumbags bad admins

    It's a shame because this server had a LOT of potential. One of the better PSKO out there. Too bad its fucked up once again by turkish owners/admins.

    Seems like they will never learn about how to handle business. Admins on this server really summoned monster-bosses for certain players to kill, sold full +1 uniq sets.
    This is why they disabled view character on panel, so no-one wouldnt notice the amount of abuse. Until you meet them in bowl and you simply just can't kill them.

    Server rate 1/10.

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