InternationalKO- under construction!

We have the server almost ready, 1-2 days and beta is on!

Hello dear KO players!

We will be 2 admins online most of the time when the server comes up to keep cheaters away and help the players that are in need.
Heres a small introduction of the server so you know how it will be like.

Drop list: these drops are in emc/luff, eslant and colony zone, in colony zone the drop rate is abit higher!

Harpy- Mirage dagger+1
Raven harpy- Mirage dagger+1 and feather of HQ(higher drop rate on md)
Troll- Glave+1
Troll warrior- Glave+1(higher drop rate)
Stone golem- All kind of chitins+1, Iron bow+1 and BES
Giant golem - All kind of chitins+1 and Iron bow+1(higher drop rate)
Dark Mare- Shard+1, Raptor+1,Mirage+1,Iron impact+1,Deep scar+1,Impact+1,Priest impact+1 and all kind of shells+1, Totamic spear+1 and elixir staff+1.
Lamia- All kind of Fps and iron x bow+1
Burning skeleton- +9 accesories
Beasts, Cardinals, shadow seekers- Bus and the other bus bonuses
Apostle- Totamic club+1 and Salamander staff+1
Kecoons- Kek ring at 2% and it also drop gems( crudes,opals,crystals)

All the bosses are like myko drops and they have a chanse to drop high class items!

Upgrade rates with bus:

+1 100%
+2 100%
+3 90%
+4 65%
+5 45%
+6 25%
+7 10%
+8 3%

Upgrade rates with trina:

+1 100%
+2 100%
+3 100%
+4 85%
+5 65%
+6 45%
+7 20%
+8 5%

Xp rate:

It wont be that hard so you guys dont get boored, a few days hardcore xp enough for 70^^


Since we want to keep it as close to a myko server we can we will stick with just WARS, when people started to get boored we might make some changes! Wars will be hold at wednesday,friday and sunday, times will announced later on!

We wont have boss events to keep it a stable server between players!
Events like kill the gm event will be done to make some action in bowl from time to time!

PUS information will be added in the forum when we get closer to official release!

We are currently 2 admins working on the server and we will be verry happy if you join us!
To keep you uptaded you can check out our forum, when some important news come up we will post it there.
There will be a beta once we ready with everything, and it will be posted on news section when we are done!

Forum link:
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ps, we are not related to this server,

Gladly to say, welcome to our server!

ps, we make it abit easier on beta, some boss events aswell to make it fun to play while discovering any new buggs!