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    Default Join us at F3KO

    Post Name :
    F3KO - Endless War has begun
    Inside Post :


    Welcome to F3KO
    [ Endless War has begun ]

    Download links[1 Part] :

    Full Client Link [1 Part]


    Web Site : F3KO | [Endless WAR] Index
    Forum : F3KO - Powered by vBulletin
    Facebook : F3KO.COM | FaceBook
    Max Level: 80
    Event Times: Event Times
    Leveling guide : Level faster

    Dear Online Games Fans,

    F3KO is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG game.
    F3KO thrusts players into a relentless game.
    with the most hardcore PvP environment in the MMORPG.

    Free to download and completely Free2Play !!


    What’s F3KO?

    F3ko is a project which aims to gather ko fans under a server for real fun play time.
    And we are really excited to have you with us.
    We know many servers has promised all those but you saw the result is a kind of fail.

    Why do I play in F3KO?

    Because, we are going to serve you a perfect game and much fun.
    Do not worry about cheats and attacks as we fixed them all. And you'll see it .

    Is it a English or Turk Server?

    It is for every one and every age.
    Also we use the best security system for pvps.
    And the server will be open for Everyone from any country.
    [ Any country, Any race, Any religion, Any age ]

    What about donate / cash money ?

    We dont seek any donate we only seek fun and good play time
    as everyone see most of KO servers open only to collect money from players
    but what about the fun and real good play time ? anyone care ?
    in F3KO we care so much about our players FULL fun time, you can come see your self .

    What about Quests/Events ?

    we have alot of events and quests that you never see before at privte or orignal games .

    And here is Events timer :
    F3KO | [Endless WAR]

    What about Graphic ?

    did you see original + privte graphic ? did u like any of them ?
    then sorry you saw nothing yet, Come see F3KO new age of graphic ..

    Here some Screenshots from F3KO

    And our new Event Jungle War,Exp,Pk,Farm....Check out

    Some info about Game style ?

    - Max lvl 80
    - all skills tested and add new skills effect animation
    - War captains have horse and skills work fine
    - Bi-frost pop-up timer in cz
    - Bi-frost other nation character name is blocked
    - Red, green, blue chest, gem discount system works fine
    - unique drops same as usko and drope rate %20
    - All maps has completely usko Quests
    - there is many new Quests we create
    - MERCHANT / BANK / TRADE Password is 000000
    - Orc Femele mage is active
    - Full new game skin
    - Masks been add to drop + quests
    - Football Soccer quest been active
    - You can play F3KO with any operating system without any problem
    - DeathLog system been added and be able to see all players, (For NPT) as a Party to the NPT.
    - Top 5 rank players (orc/human) names will be auto add at moradon .
    - Top 5 rank clans (orc/human) flag + names will be auto add at moradon .
    - Game Email system only work for text letter (block send items or money)
    - F3KO Active with KOGuard Protection system.

    Upgrade Item:

    +1 To +3, 100%
    +3 To +4 = 90%
    +4 To +5 = 70%
    +5 To +6 = 50%
    +6 To +7 = 25%
    +7 To +8 = 10%
    +8 To +9 = 0%

    Jewelry upgrades:

    +0 To +1 = 100%
    +1 To +2 = 20%
    +2 To +3 = 0%

    Human, The ruler of continents and
    Karus, The conqueror of continents !!!
    [ Endless War has begun ]

    Come Join Us : We Are Waiting You ..

    And here a video from our players,in new war map test,enjoY


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