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K.O.R.P great new server with lots of goodies

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    Default K.O.R.P great new server with lots of goodies

    farm/pvp Bugfree server,
    Usko moradon,usko cz,original visuals.
    Great helpfull gm's,lots of events and wars.
    all armor in drops
    undy,400ac and 3000fhp scrolls drop from rabbits.
    original weapons in darkland,bi-frost and eslant,also at nps vendor.
    fun and friendly server.
    its all about having fun and get the best!

    CLİENT DOWNLOAD LİNK : http://www

    SERVER İP ADRESS: SERVER KOPANEL : Server Name - Home Page

    SERVER FORUM SİTESİ : Free forum : K.O.R.P Knight Online

    Mirage Dagger (+1) Harpy, Raven Harpy
    Scimitar (+4)
    Tooth Barrkk
    Scimitar (+0)
    Blade (+1) Uruk Blade
    Slayer (+1) Uruk Tron
    Graham (+1) Orc bandit officer
    Mirage (+1) DEATH MARE, DREAD MARE
    Mirage (+7) Scavenger Bandicoot
    Deep Scar (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Bone Cleaver (+1) [Queen]Kongau, Garuna, Gaunga, Harunga, Haunga, Kongau
    Impact (+1) DARK MARE, DREAD MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Impact (+7) Wild Bandicoot
    Iron Impact (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Iron Impact (+7) Wild Bandicoot
    Totamic Spear (+1) DARK MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Totamic Spear (+7) Wild Bandicoot
    Glave (+1) Troll, Troll Warrior
    Raptor (+1) DARK MARE, DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Lobo Staff Lobo
    Lupus staff Lupus
    Lycaon staff Lycaon
    Salamander Staff (+1) Apostle, Deruvish
    Elixir Staff (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
    Priest War Hammer (+4) Skeleton lord
    Dragon tooth hammer Dragon tooth
    Dragon tooth hammer(+1) Dragon tooth
    Sword of Beast Barkirra
    Sword of the Dead Hyde
    Gigantic Axe attila, Samma
    Giantic Axe(+1) attila, Samma
    Javana Axe Javana
    Giantic Axe(+1) Javana
    Chitin Bow Lesath, Shaula
    Scorpion Bow Lesath
    Chitin Bow(+1) Shaula
    Lobo hammer Lobo
    Lupus hammer Lupus
    Lycaon hammer Lycaon
    Skull hammer bone collecter
    Bronze Earring(+1) Troll King
    Cleric Earring(+1) Harpy Queen
    Secret-Silver Earring(+3) Snake Queen
    Agate Earring(+1) Troll King
    Crystal Earring(+1) Kecoon, Troll King
    Silver Earring Volcanic Rock
    Silver Earring(+1) Troll King
    White-Silver Earring(+1) Troll King
    Warrior Pendant Acer
    Elemental Pendant Acer
    Priest Pendant Acer, attila
    Priest Pendant(+1) attila
    Iron Necklace [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
    Amulet of Intelligence(+3) Snake Queen
    Amulet of Magic Power(+3) Snake Queen
    Elemental Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
    Iron Necklace(+3) Harpy Queen
    Red Dragon Amulet(+3) Snake Queen
    Black Dragon Necklace(+1) Kecoon raider
    Amulet of Curse(+3) Snake Queen
    Amulet of Goddess (+3) Snake Queen
    White Dragon Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
    Blue Dragon Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
    Ring of Courage(+3) Duke
    Emerald Ring(+1) Deruvish founder
    Ring of Life(+3) Bach
    Old Platinum Ring Deruvish founder
    Old Mano Ring Deruvish founder
    Old Ruby Ring Deruvish founder
    Ruby Ring(+1) Deruvish founder
    Kekuri Belt Kekurikekukaka
    Kekuri Belt(+1) bone collecter, Kekurikekukaka
    Belt of Life(+1) Talos
    Mana Belt(+1) Talos
    Fire Belt(+1) Talos
    Bronze Belt(+1) Talos
    Ice Belt(+1) Talos
    Glass Belt(+1) Kecoon captain, Talos
    Lightning Belt(+1) Talos
    Belt of Intelligence(+1) Talos
    Iron Belt(+3) Harpy Queen, Snake Queen
    Spell of Fire Blast Antares
    Spell of Glacier Blast Antares
    Spell of Thunder Blast Antares
    Scream Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Blood worm, Earth worm, Kecoon captain
    Magic Shield Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Carrion crawler, Giant gavolt
    Absolute Power Scroll Blood worm, Bulcan, Earth worm, Ibex, Small bulcan, Ultima
    Judgment Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Bulcan, Ibex, Small bulcan, Ultima
    Silver bar BUGBEAR, China, DARK MARE, DEATH MARE, DREAD MARE, Goblin, GOBLIN bouncer, GOBLIN juggler, GOBLIN NECROMANCER, GOBLIN patriarch, HOBGOBLIN, POOKA, rabbit, SHADE MARE, Tree ghost, Tree ghost King, Tree ghost variant
    Gold bar DARK MARE
    Re-Spawn Teleport Scroll Carrion crawler, Christmas tree, rabbit, Rabid Bandicoot
    Scroll of teleport friend Carrion crawler, Rabid Bandicoot, Snatcher
    Resurrection Scroll(50) Gavolt
    Abyss Fire Flame Rock
    Abyss Gem Black widow, burning skeleton, Cave leech, Centaur, fallen Angel, Flame Rock, Ghost warrior, gloom hound, HOBGOBLIN, Lutterslan, Manticore, Orc mage, Phantom, Reaper, Shadow, Solid Bin, Wraith
    Gold Coin Bach, Barrkk, Bishop, bone collecter, Dragon tooth, Duke, Hyde, Javana, Kekurikekukaka
    Lugias(+10) Wrath
    Avedon(+10) Ego
    Hell Blood(+10) Envy
    Garp(+10) Greed
    Elysium(+10) Lust
    Holy Animor(+10) Sloth
    Ring of the Felankor(+3) [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
    Priest Ring (+3) Harpy Queen
    Premium EXP Giant gavolt
    Eagles Eye(+7) Talos
    Eagles Eye(+10) Troll King
    Minotaurs Earring(+3) Minotaur
    Lillimes Enticement(+3) Lillime
    Premium Potion HP 500 Giant gavolt
    Premium Potion MP 500 Giant gavolt
    Chaos Baal BlaBla Gods Guardian
    Undefeatable Raum(+6) Cuff Binder, Gold Dragon
    Undefeatable Wirinom (+4) Etaroth
    Undefeatable Wirinom (+5) Acer, attila, Samma
    Undefeatable Wirinom (Cool Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula
    Chaos Wirinom BlaBla Gods Guardian, Messenger of the God Pathos
    Undefeatable Baal (+4) Etaroth
    Undefeatable Nebiros (+6) Giga Hammer
    Undefeatable Leonard (+4) Etaroth
    Undefeatable Leonard (+6) Giga Hammer
    Undefeatable Molok (+1) Dragon tooth
    Undefeatable Molok (+6) Query
    Kaul Molok (+6) Query
    Harakiri Shield For Golden Cool [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
    BlaBla Dagger (+10) Cockatrice
    BlaBla Spear (+10) Leech King
    BlaBla Sword (+10) Leech King
    BlaBla Bow (+10) Cockatrice
    BlaBla Mace (+10) Deva Bird, Leech King
    BlaBla Staff (+10) Bone Dragon
    BlaBla Shield (+10) Lillime
    Stone Of Golem [Quest]Stone Golem
    Stone Of Apostle [Quest]Apostle
    Stone Of Troll [Quest]Troll Berserker
    Stone Of Uruk Hai [Quest]Uruk Hai
    Darkness Dagger(+10) Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula
    Darkness Sword Centaur captain, Dragon tooth
    Darkness Sword(+10) Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula, Troll King
    Darkness Spear(+10) Troll King
    Darkness Shield(Cool Minotaur
    Holy Animor(+10) Sloth
    Hell Blood(+10) Envy
    Lugias(+10) Wrath
    Sherion(+10) Glutton


    Eslant: red and black chitin
    Leech king:mytrill
    Draqgon Bone:dragon flight

    Krowaz:Valkry (all mobs)


    BLABLA KO items

    and much more ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bachus View Post

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    your exe does nothing doesn't launch game

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    Quote Originally Posted by pclover View Post
    farm/pvp bugfree server,
    usko moradon,usko cz,original visuals.
    Great helpfull gm's,lots of events and wars.
    All armor in drops
    undy,400ac and 3000fhp scrolls drop from rabbits.
    Original weapons in darkland,bi-frost and eslant,also at nps vendor.
    Fun and friendly server.
    Its all about having fun and get the best!

    clİent download lİnk : http://www

    server İp adress: server kopanel : server name - home page

    server forum sİtesİ : free forum : K.o.r.p knight online

    drop lİst :
    Mirage dagger (+1) harpy, raven harpy
    shard (+1) dark mare, death mare, dread mare
    scimitar (+4)
    tooth barrkk
    scimitar (+0)
    blade (+1) uruk blade
    slayer (+1) uruk tron
    graham (+1) orc bandit officer
    mirage (+1) death mare, dread mare
    mirage (+7) scavenger bandicoot
    deep scar (+1) death mare, orc bandit officer
    bone cleaver (+1) [queen]kongau, garuna, gaunga, harunga, haunga, kongau
    impact (+1) dark mare, dread mare, orc bandit officer
    impact (+7) wild bandicoot
    iron impact (+1) death mare, orc bandit officer
    iron impact (+7) wild bandicoot
    totamic spear (+1) dark mare, orc bandit officer
    totamic spear (+7) wild bandicoot
    glave (+1) troll, troll warrior
    raptor (+1) dark mare, death mare, orc bandit officer
    lobo staff lobo
    lupus staff lupus
    lycaon staff lycaon
    salamander staff (+1) apostle, deruvish
    elixir staff (+1) death mare, orc bandit officer
    priest war hammer (+4) skeleton lord
    dragon tooth hammer dragon tooth
    dragon tooth hammer(+1) dragon tooth
    sword of beast barkirra
    sword of the dead hyde
    gigantic axe attila, samma
    giantic axe(+1) attila, samma
    javana axe javana
    giantic axe(+1) javana
    chitin bow lesath, shaula
    scorpion bow lesath
    chitin bow(+1) shaula
    lobo hammer lobo
    lupus hammer lupus
    lycaon hammer lycaon
    skull hammer bone collecter
    bronze earring(+1) troll king
    cleric earring(+1) harpy queen
    secret-silver earring(+3) snake queen
    agate earring(+1) troll king
    crystal earring(+1) kecoon, troll king
    silver earring volcanic rock
    silver earring(+1) troll king
    white-silver earring(+1) troll king
    warrior pendant acer
    elemental pendant acer
    priest pendant acer, attila
    priest pendant(+1) attila
    iron necklace [quest]felankor, felankor
    amulet of intelligence(+3) snake queen
    amulet of magic power(+3) snake queen
    elemental necklace(+3) snake queen
    iron necklace(+3) harpy queen
    red dragon amulet(+3) snake queen
    black dragon necklace(+1) kecoon raider
    amulet of curse(+3) snake queen
    amulet of goddess (+3) snake queen
    white dragon necklace(+3) snake queen
    blue dragon necklace(+3) snake queen
    ring of courage(+3) duke
    emerald ring(+1) deruvish founder
    ring of life(+3) bach
    old platinum ring deruvish founder
    old mano ring deruvish founder
    old ruby ring deruvish founder
    ruby ring(+1) deruvish founder
    kekuri belt kekurikekukaka
    kekuri belt(+1) bone collecter, kekurikekukaka
    belt of life(+1) talos
    mana belt(+1) talos
    fire belt(+1) talos
    bronze belt(+1) talos
    ice belt(+1) talos
    glass belt(+1) kecoon captain, talos
    lightning belt(+1) talos
    belt of intelligence(+1) talos
    iron belt(+3) harpy queen, snake queen
    spell of fire blast antares
    spell of glacier blast antares
    spell of thunder blast antares
    scream scroll [ worm queen] hideous, blood worm, earth worm, kecoon captain
    magic shield scroll [ worm queen] hideous, carrion crawler, giant gavolt
    absolute power scroll blood worm, bulcan, earth worm, ibex, small bulcan, ultima
    judgment scroll [ worm queen] hideous, bulcan, ibex, small bulcan, ultima
    silver bar bugbear, china, dark mare, death mare, dread mare, goblin, goblin bouncer, goblin juggler, goblin necromancer, goblin patriarch, hobgoblin, pooka, rabbit, shade mare, tree ghost, tree ghost king, tree ghost variant
    gold bar dark mare
    re-spawn teleport scroll carrion crawler, christmas tree, rabbit, rabid bandicoot
    scroll of teleport friend carrion crawler, rabid bandicoot, snatcher
    resurrection scroll(50) gavolt
    abyss fire flame rock
    abyss gem black widow, burning skeleton, cave leech, centaur, fallen angel, flame rock, ghost warrior, gloom hound, hobgoblin, lutterslan, manticore, orc mage, phantom, reaper, shadow, solid bin, wraith
    gold coin bach, barrkk, bishop, bone collecter, dragon tooth, duke, hyde, javana, kekurikekukaka
    lugias(+10) wrath
    avedon(+10) ego
    hell blood(+10) envy
    garp(+10) greed
    elysium(+10) lust
    holy animor(+10) sloth
    ring of the felankor(+3) [quest]felankor, felankor
    priest ring (+3) harpy queen
    premium exp giant gavolt
    eagles eye(+7) talos
    eagles eye(+10) troll king
    minotaurs earring(+3) minotaur
    lillimes enticement(+3) lillime
    premium potion hp 500 giant gavolt
    premium potion mp 500 giant gavolt
    chaos baal blabla gods guardian
    undefeatable raum(+6) cuff binder, gold dragon
    undefeatable wirinom (+4) etaroth
    undefeatable wirinom (+5) acer, attila, samma
    undefeatable wirinom (cool abomitarantula, krowaz, red krowaz, tarantula
    chaos wirinom blabla gods guardian, messenger of the god pathos
    undefeatable baal (+4) etaroth
    undefeatable nebiros (+6) giga hammer
    undefeatable leonard (+4) etaroth
    undefeatable leonard (+6) giga hammer
    undefeatable molok (+1) dragon tooth
    undefeatable molok (+6) query
    kaul molok (+6) query
    harakiri shield for golden cool [quest]felankor, felankor
    blabla dagger (+10) cockatrice
    blabla spear (+10) leech king
    blabla sword (+10) leech king
    blabla bow (+10) cockatrice
    blabla mace (+10) deva bird, leech king
    blabla staff (+10) bone dragon
    blabla shield (+10) lillime
    stone of golem [quest]stone golem
    stone of apostle [quest]apostle
    stone of troll [quest]troll berserker
    stone of uruk hai [quest]uruk hai
    darkness dagger(+10) abomitarantula, krowaz, red krowaz, tarantula
    darkness sword centaur captain, dragon tooth
    darkness sword(+10) abomitarantula, krowaz, red krowaz, tarantula, troll king
    darkness spear(+10) troll king
    darkness shield(cool minotaur
    holy animor(+10) sloth
    hell blood(+10) envy
    lugias(+10) wrath
    sherion(+10) glutton

    armor drops:

    Eslant: Red and black chitin
    Leech king:mytrill
    draqgon bone:dragon flight

    krowaz:valkry (all mobs)

    usko maradon...

    Blabla ko items

    and much more ...
    new ip and panel addres welcome all new players

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    Try at your own risk

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer View Post
    Try at your own risk

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    Just go to ''common ranking'' and check the first dude.He got dragon flight gaunts 45 dd,dragon flight boots 45 dd,etc etc ...

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    People actuly play servers like these?

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    i think there are more gms on the server than registered members


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