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Knight Imperia Private Server

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    Default Knight Imperia Private Server

    Hello and Happy Valentines Day to all of you

    Im here to confirm that the rumors are in fact true! We have been working on Knight Imperia for some time now and we are ready for open beta and, if all works out nice, we will be proud to announce the launch.

    The team is confident that its time for the beta, so i quess here it comes.

    Im going to introduce the server a little. I will keep it short,

    -Original MYKO database
    -Old school Farm server
    -Dedicated Server

    -Lvl 70 cap
    -All skills working
    -All original MYKO items.

    Minor fixes to make Colony Zone more alive, populated and give it back the real PvP map image.

    Enhanced and fast loading client

    Optimized security along with fixed KOCrash.

    Fixed numerous dupe methods and various bug abuses including the following:

    Trade dupe
    NCS dupe
    "Türkish" character dupe
    NT hack
    Compound bug
    Merchant hack
    Restat bug
    Select character bug
    Stats edit hack
    Limited GM tools with advanced logs and other forms of monitoring.

    -1500/300/AP/swift scrolls from Atrosses
    -BUSes from Haungas in Colony Zone
    -Modified DM drops
    -Gems (Opal,Crude Sapphire,Crystal) from Riotes
    -MYKO anvil and accessories rates with +8 and +3 max.

    I want to point out that this here is the state the server starts with. On the long run we going to offer some real expansions. Not saying that we will follow the official expansions, but more of a costum line of fun events and challenging content that is ment to keep the thing that original KO seems to offer - good times.

    The beta starts today on 20:00 (GMT+2)
    The (estimated) launch will be on Friday

    With best regards,
    KI family

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    Sorry I forgot to write Our Panel and Forum Adress

    Knight Imperia :: Index its our panel
    KI: Forums and its forums

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    registrations are opened.

    Knight Imperia :: Registration you can get account from here.


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