Knight Online Myko Style Farm Server
Experience Rates:The experience rates are x10 of usko experience rates.The experience rates from 70 - 72 are harder (You will only get stat points from the levels, no skills)
Getting started:Level cap: The level cap will be set as 72 (70 skills) and no higher and you will need to obtain your master items from CZ bowl.Starting with: 600 National Points, 100k Coins and Every player will start in the (Beginners Clan) so people can talk and ask for help

Drop Rates:We are using original myko database. Therefore, the drops are correct on every single monster. We edited drop rates ourself by checking player necessities. To be short, droprates are a bit higher than the usko droprates. You will get geared as long as you farm high level monsters with your friends.
.. :: Upgrade Rates ::..Blessed Upgrade Scroll:+1: 100%+2: 100%+3: 100%+4: 100%+5: 65%+6: 55%+7: 25%+8: 5%+9: 1%+10: Not possible.Trina:+1: 100%+2: 100%+3: 100%+4: 80%+5: 70%+6: 60%+7: 30%+8: 8%+9: 3%+10: Not possible.In addition, accessories can be compounded to +2 with 100% rate.
Client Information:We took the necessary security steps to prevent cheating ingame like encrytpion of TBL files in our client.We have added wide screen support to make the client fit every style of monitor.
Database Information:As I mentioned before, our database is original myko database, which means everything, such as skills, drops, rates and anything you can guess is a copy of original database. We have been developing this database for a while, and we enabled lots of user-friendly functions, such as fixing and replacing procedures with better and more secure ones, beginners clan for newbie users to get information about the server as soon as they log in.
Server Files Information:We replaced our server files with files that were more to our liking. The issue of 64 bit OS/Windows 7 issue is fixed. Server is secured to the best of our ability. Any kind of cheating is being monitored 24/7, we currently have: client encryption, server / client side, disconnection tool for people are try using cheats and much more!
Other Information:1. Owners, or Game Masters cannot get ingame characters to prevent corruption and will be online 24/7 Providing full time support.2. Game Master's boss summon codes, 30k R hits has been changed to prevent corruption even more.3. We do not sell items which may effect the economy badly in our Power Up Store to make a fair server between donators and non-donators. We also will not be selling any items in our Power Up Store directly.4. Donators do not get any advantages except having a donator tag in our forums, getting access to Donator's Lounge.5. We took necessary security steps in our Dedicated Server to minimize the threat of attacks.6. We are logging all information of players, such as their IP Address, registration country.7. Moradon: Scrolls will be obtainable (1500hp, 300ac, speed and attack) from the NPC (Maren[Scrolls]) for FREE!
Security Informations:Our panel is secured against Cross-side Scripting, SQL Injection and these kind of web intruding attacks. Our server files are secured against known exploits. Our client is customised (which will be released soon) with our TBL encryption, so it will be very dificult to use TBL ####s and 3rd party tools like that in our server. There are few security tools running in the background, which logs every cheat attempt which is being monitored by us.
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You can find the necessary information, such as the client link and other information in our website and forums.Lastly, pull your clans together and be ready!That's all, hope to see you ingame, and have fun playing !