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    Good morning to all, is the first server KoLatin in Spanish 75% inglesh 25% and has been operating for more than 6 months, there has been renewed ideas and the development team recently lifted the new kopanel who can appreciate KOLatin Servidor Orientado a la gente latina!
    The information can be found in the panel and in the forum.

    - The server is 75% translated into Spanish , inglesh 25, that is directed especially to the Latino people.
    - There are new maps (Dark Land, Krowaz, Mountain, Mysterio Temple, Bifrost)
    - New bosses (Dark Dragon, Kaman King, Guarder Bone Krowaz, felankor, GigaHammer, Deva Bird, Moun)
    - New weapons (Blue Power, Chaos Weapons, Weapons Diabolic, Dragon Weapons, Weapons undefeatable, Mysterius Weapons)
    - New Armor (Hero Armor, Diabolic Armor, Dragon Armor, Bahamut Armor, Gryphon Armor, Valkyrie Armor, Mythril Armor)
    - The maximum upgrade for now is to +8 but not 100% is set to be random.
    - The maximum lvl is 83. (start at lvl 1 but from 1 to 55 was done in 1 minute, also comes with some weapons and money)
    - It levelea through Quest, Events and Farmming. Soon you'll be 83.
    - There are new Quest to level up faster, have guns and money:
    - The server is made for farmer, so to get good items to look for bosses (but the drop has high%)
    - There are always events and GMs are always online and a support to be able to clarify your doubts.
    - 3 week Wars and Castle Siege War.
    - There are special armours for the best PK in the month (so if you are new you can win one)
    - Server is Dedicated (hosted in the U.S.) which avoids the lagg and also be 24 hours online.
    - Ventrilo room completely free!
    but if in doubt, please visit the forum or website to learn more about the server, Osino gamers4life let us in their consultations. Thank you very much.

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