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[Light Farm][OFFICIAL][OPEN]Knights Revelations

This is a discussion on [Light Farm][OFFICIAL][OPEN]Knights Revelations within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by nickos3 Let's clear this. Who started it ? ReesesPieces Did i lie anywhere? No Did ReesesPieces lie ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickos3 View Post
    Let's clear this.

    Who started it ? ReesesPieces
    Did i lie anywhere? No
    Did ReesesPieces lie anywhere? Yes

    If we were PMing each other then you 'dnt be able to see what we say. Means, i'd prove his lies to himself and not to you which actually is what i'm trying to do ?
    Is there any new rule saying that only positive comments are allowed on PSKO advertising section and i didn't know ?

    All i want is a trusty PSKO Community, i'm just trying to get rid of all these shits all the private servers are trying to do/have done so far.

    Sure, it may hurt some people when they see the truth, but, it doesn't matter, i don't give up.

    Topics exists to create posts and i don't see myself breaking any of the rules so far. If you think i'm wrong, then first of all i'm sorry and lastly, you're free to report me.

    I don't take any of the posts, in the wrong way. Criticism and Opinions are always needed and they're welcome. You too (have a nice day) !
    I understand your motive, but you made your point pages ago. No need to keep on bashing on this server and its owner. Ill leave you with one of the best lines ever said in a movie, from The Dude himself: Lebowski - Walter's an Asshole - YouTube

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    any news about whether or not you guys will start back up again? i had alot of fun even though the population was low.
    i hope you guys can charge back he server u payed for and hopefully get a better one.

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    We hope too eventually.

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