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My-Knight.Net Myko Server

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    Default My-Knight.Net Myko Server

    We will be more original next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImKyo View Post

    A great experience you will get playing oldschoolko, we asure you that!
    Huh? o.o

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    this seems exactly like the intro of OldSchoolKO, except for a few details. Quote from OldSchoolKO Intropage:" Official launch:

    Due to people frequently bugging us about the opening time of our server, we found a way for everyone to play fairly without any disadvantages due to their timezone and hence we finally announce that the time of our official release is 16:00 GMT +0. This release shall include several cool surprises that you people surely don't want to miss! Everybody is invited to join us to get back the old times back when KO was fun to play. There are a lot of people that are excited about our release already, so it'll be absolute fun!"

    Its not very polite to use other servers intro. And it will only show that you either cant speak english properly, or that u just arent creative enough to make ur own intro page. And Its not very wise to open two MYKO based servers with a 62 cap so close to eachother.. it might cause both servers to fail.

    i see now that their entire wepage is in turkish, so i guess they stole and modified other servers Intro Pages to fit their own because of a total lack of english skills. So this might not be the server for most of the ppl in this forum.
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    I agree, there is no place on this forum for copy cats, im sorry but im closing this. Either create your own advertising or go to another forum.


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