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Well I have played for a full week on NUSKO, but I'm done with it. I'm gonna post something here and it's not because I hate the owner or I wish him bad... Server is really crippled and don't present good.

1. Main idea of current server is medium farm. Owner decided to switch from pure pk server to farm one. After two years wipe had place and new journey have started. For me and my friends didn't started that well. We wanted to play from the begging, but we couldn't: too many crashes had place and for some reasons items in NPC had level requirement which made it even a little bit harder just too start. We found out later that we couldn't use scrolls (owner fixed that after two days when people had or alteast most of them really high levels and because we were lacking that extra HP and AC we couldn't hunt bosses on bowl. You may ask why you didn't had a buffer? Well he have been assured that Scroll "bug" have been fixed with new patch, but it came out really late) This was one of many things that not only us found out that don't work properly. Sadly as it turned owner didn't tested the server. And for those who's gonna read this and try to defend Nusko i'm not gonna agree that testing is merely 5-6h. And even if you tested it somehow how could you not realise that warriors don't have their heads or not being capable to trade? There are too bugs and most of them shouldn't have even place.

2. Anvil rates are a big joke. Another thing that shouldn't have place too. You're opening the server, making people farm for their items - fine. I just don't understand how could you put such a anvil rates? For those who don't know: currently it is: from +1 to +5 100% and from +5 to +8 80%. It didn't took even two or three days to see people in colony with +8 (or even +9 if someone were lucky) dealing a lot damage even without debuff. BP's and magies doesn't exist on this server. And I'm probably the only person that recommended talias, otherwise pk lvl would be still in "stone-age". And putting aside this part how you expect from people to pk without no anty-defense armors? I have farmed my ass off for a week but didn't seen a single shield with any defense on it. Same goes for armor pieces. DD's doesn't exist too... And even IF rare item droped with anty-def it was almost always a junk (grade 2 or grade 3/ always +3/10).

3. Skills are messed up and archer combo is too fast.

4. Respawn time and points are one big misunderstanding too. After server launched I asked owner three times about attilla respawn time. And each time I have received another spawn time: Once it was 3h 20, 2nd it was 5h 33 and 3rd when he "fixed" spawn times for all bosses it should be 4 hours. Lucky whenever there was a restart I killed attila, took a time, came back to the spot after x hour and x minutes" and no matter what It never spawned back.

5. Server does not have any active GM. Owner appointed again same GM's that were before wipe, but they stick mainly to their characters - not paying much attention too what's going on. And not only that - some of them are rude and can't speak English for shit.

Overall it doesn't look good and If I could rate the server it's gonna be: 3,5/10. And I wouldn't recommend this server to anyone who have self-respect.
I gotta admit that everything you said was 100% right. The GM's are to much sticky mainly to their characters - like [GM_NightMare] aka Lucif3r In-Game. Also,there's no chance for beginner players to success in the server if they dont get a clan. I used to be in Lucif3r clan,than i left it because they're to much selfish and items hopper. And as a single player,i got no chance to do anything. Anvil rates are so fuked up - as Ragabash said,it's 100% from +1 to +5,and 80% from +5 to +8. Drop rates are also fuked up,and there are shitload of bugs in the server. I was playing there also a week+,and i saw a GM online only one time. The pk is so fuked up,Classes are unbalanced. Mages & BP has no chance to survive,even if they use a Talia Skin Armor. This server is really failure,NusKO,as a guy who is playing on your server 1 year - you shouldn't do a EXP Server - because its really fail. And you may give a shit about our opinion,because about 6 months your server was dead,and now it has some population so you'll keep it like dat. I wish you success,but till you wont change it im not coming back.