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Nusko Private Pk Server

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    Default Nusko Private Pk Server

    NusKO :: Registration
    Link to register

    Awesome private server, Just raised the cap to lvl 80 a few hours ago, Easy to get on the same level as everyone else and skill is all that matters.

    this original post was made by carnac on our forums
    Lvl: Its quite easy to lvl in Nusko. First buy the lowest lvl weapon from weapon merchant left side of the anvil.Then start killing worms.After reaching lvl10 go to grand master to choose your speciality. Go back farming land and kill kekoons. After that kill kecoon captain. Loot all scrols. then sell them to npc to get some money .Then go to werewolwes. kill them for +8 become lvl 40-45 already. Then go to keilans. first spot of keilans are bugged . These keilans has high hp. go to second slot. You can reach lvl 60 here in an hour or so. Or after 55 you can go luf,elmo and kill ashed then dts.

    After 60 you should farm harpy.go to cz harpy spot and kill harpy. they drop all high lvl weps.loot all. You can spare your classes weapon and sell others to gives you 1.7mil per weapon.I gained alot by selling elixirs to npc. they also drop scrols ,you can sell them for good money too. I never opened a merchant in this server. And earned 150m in 2 days just by doing this .

    Find some friends to party with. Go to apostles. Cz apostles gives only exp.but eslant and elmo/luf apostle drops all kinds of scroll. especially bus. farm here. this way you can gain lvl and bus at same time. You can become lvl 64-65 easy.

    After 65, if you cant find a person to party with , solo lvl at cz raven harpy. Gives good exp plus drops. If you can find ppl to party with , go to dark stones. Dark stones are the quickes way to lvl in the server. with full pt, you can reach 60 to 70 in an hour or so.but dark stone drops only coin. keep that in mind.

    also there is another mob , which gives good exp and also good drops. giant golems are good to hunt solo. you can kill with sliding, plus drops shell helmet too.

    Lets continue with drops.

    harpy : drops shell pauldron all classes, high lvl weapons, raptor,ib,elixir etc, scrols / cz-luf-elmo-eslant
    raven harpy : drops shell gauntlet , high lvl weapons, scrols / cz-luf-elmo-eslant
    Troll berserker : shell boots, scrols / eslant
    Troll captain : shell helmet scrols / eslant
    Falcon : shell pads , scrols /eslant
    Giant golem : shell helmet, scrols,high lvl weps / luf,elmo
    Apostle : all scrols, / luf-elmo-eslant
    phantom : +9 jewel, 1m coins / abyys
    golem : chitin armor, scrols, 100k coins
    troll : chitin armor ,scrols

    Upgrade rates

    +5 = 100%
    +6 = 80%
    +7 = 80%
    +8 = 80%

    So +5>+8 = 51,2%

    +9 = 2%
    +9 = 5% with Trina Piece

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    Post edited... For my own selfish reasons.
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    high upgrate rate:P

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    was good if u make it lvl 70... but good lucky with ur server

    but lvl's 70 full pk as awesome

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    getting better everyday, NUS is working hard on updates etc

    come try it out!

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    how's it going ? All download links are broke ..... lol

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    Where have PK SERVER??

    this server need farm unqs and items, make kill 80 worm and drop all itens in moradom!


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