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Old knight? or new? you decide!

This is a discussion on Old knight? or new? you decide! within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; if i were to work on somthing, what would u want? ive just read the topic of how i started ...
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    Default Old knight? or new? you decide!

    if i were to work on somthing, what would u want? ive just read the topic of how i started playing ko and it really did give me some inspiration, so...

    would you prefure the old ko? where you had breth piana, full working with all mob spawns, old skills working old looks of stuff, similar to oldschoolKO without bdw and all the extra added crap? also with the original shouting orc at the start screen and old panel and old skill animations? with new quest to level up on, a PUS that provides only items you can obtain ingame?


    would you prefure the newer ko? where its luf,elmorad, fully working, normal skills, without bdw still and extra stuff, normal 1299 client etc.

    im willing to work on what ever people want, as ive not long come out of hospital i wanna spend my time working on somthing, so give me your opinions

    ( Also i would say new is kinda pretty much given to everyone in every server and is easy to do, where as old i would say is pretty hard and would take time )

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    U must sold that euko stuff by now so i could get my $$

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    Old School for the win!

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    New with alot of cool shit too many people doing the old stuff now

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    i vote for the option give prodigy his $30

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    Just do yourself a favor and quit. the best option out there bro.

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