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IP, now Closed Beta.
Forum; soon
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Hello everyone!

We found the market homeko completely different servers Exp / Item 's middle class
Still on the Board of Cz making a Server Introduction.

Major droplar;
Trolls; Chitin Sheller
Doom Soldier, High Class Weapons
Dark Knight, High Class Weapons 2
Evil Wizard, High Class Items

Behind the BF Cz Creatures

Monster Bowl Dark Land;
Bone Dragon & Lillime (Drop - All gems and Fragmenst)

Chaotic Generator;

Manner Exchange;

(1 Per Kill Your accumulated Manner Manner Point receives and negotiate this NPC you can get all your items mist.

National Point Exchange;

Np's whether you collect the NPC 1500 HP Sc, Trina's Piece, like as you can get Items.
Server Screen shot,

The aliens come from a surplus of Land'da Ronark Exp 0.

Creatures Eslant Repealed. (Bosses not included)
Uploaded Eslant'a Task Quest 70. (Where once there is no need to cut any Mob.

Uploaded Colony Zone, Quest. Cz is the parent of 65 tasks. You can get one-time 65 lvl 7 Chitin Set.

Creatures Bf behind Cz.

Troll Troll @ and remove the Cz'deki Shel compared Warrior'dan p.

Monster Bowl 2 Pcs Dark Land added. (Drop, All gems, fragments)

Border defense, special events such as Juraid added.

Forgetten Temple Server added. (Award, Trina)

Cz (Old Usko Cz'dir.) Changed.

Master Otodur. (60 Relog)

Lvl 30 opens up a new mute characters.

Karus & Morad Clanlarındadır newly created characters. (You can leave if you want to)

Green Moradon active.

Bug, etc. are not mentioned. Droplar been edited individually.

Game ici NCS and nts added. Manner NCS and nts can return or NP.

Ship battle, Standard war, fixed

Upgrade rates are set according to Standard homekolara.

Exp Max. Can 83 in one day.

In general, according to the level drops to the creature.

Inequality between races do not drop, item, skill, zone, etc.