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Project Orion KO FLL PK

This is a discussion on Project Orion KO FLL PK within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well friends today I come to let this new private server called OrionKO , its a latin server. panel : ...
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    Default Project Orion KO FLL PK

    Well friends today I come to let this new private server called OrionKO , its a latin server.
    panel :
    The server it self is FARM PK, u can farm all what u need on moradon.
    * Max level is 80.
    * Krowaz Farmer zone for your baal, raum and other cursed items.
    * The items are max to +10
    * Jewelry max to +5
    * Auto register
    * Log and these at lvl 70 in moradon,and need kill booro to up lwl
    * Server v1505.
    * The WARS work 100% without any kind of bug.

    Some may say that the server is boring because they only PK. That's not true, why did the PK server dedicated only to those who do not like farmer .. is like a server to unwind. If you do not like not forcing anyone to play .. but if you're interested I invite you to try the server.
    Here some images from the server:

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    nice remake of owned ko OwnedKO Server Private.

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    and my 300?

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    OwnedKO is my old knightonline

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    Going to give this one a try, because I have nothing to lose, and I don't have the time to farm on these other servers. Also, SexyKO isn't my thing when it comes to a pk server.

    I will give everyone my honest opinion by tomorrow. I just hope this server isn't laggy or unbalanced.

    See ya!

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    Well here is my opinion of this server from 5+ hours of PKing last night.

    NO connection lag whatsoever, pretty balanced I'd say - Mage needs a little tweaking. Very easy to get items from monsters, takes about 10mins I'd say. He should have put up a drop guide though.

    Now the drawbacks:

    Here on ko4life, he said that you can kill in the Krowaz place for weapons (Baal/Raum). I got into the server only to find out that the NPC didn't work, and you can only get them from GM events. I mean.. I know this server is gonna go down soon just like the rest, but having a full pk server means that the players have nothing to lose, cause when it goes down, you simply lose nothing.

    Well anyway, might as well forget everything I just wrote, because it is now a FARM server. Server has been wiped and now you have to hunt and upgrade your gears, etc.

    Don't advertise your server as a full PK server, and then the VERY next day, wipe it and change it into a farm server, WITHOUT telling anyone on your forums or ko4life, or anywhere. I had to find out from the players what was going on.

    I am not going to waste my time farming my ass off for a server that is just going to go down very soon, it's wasted effort.

    Peace. :P


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