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[RebirthKO]-[OPEN BETA + Prizes, June 21], Medium Rates, 70 Cap, New Features

This is a discussion on [RebirthKO]-[OPEN BETA + Prizes, June 21], Medium Rates, 70 Cap, New Features within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by ysnbuba 1) Drop Rate really Sux (buss Drop Only Ultima-Felankor or isilion ) [or % 000000000001 rate ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ysnbuba View Post
    1) Drop Rate really Sux (buss Drop Only Ultima-Felankor or isilion ) [or % 000000000001 rate lycans and cardinals]
    2) Leg cut scream etc stuns rate amazing (forexemple; a warrior wanna cut your leg ? he just think abouth it,no need to use skill )
    3) Assasins OP... Oh no not OP they are in GODMODE [maybe...60 lvl sin can beat 2x 70 warrior same time but im sure,60 sin can beat 1 warrior with his 1 hand LOL]
    4) too Much Troll in game,i bet % 80 of them...
    5) Players Runing 10 hours for 50 np in beta server LOL...
    6) Potions Org. weight and price ...So you should 5 days buss farm for 100 mana potion
    7) starting items better then best uniques ring givin 25 def,+5 dex,+4 hp etc etc etc etc etc
    8) Cz exp lover then normal places ROFL
    9) 1 million bug in game ( you can upgrade,high class item with low class scrool to +5 % 100 ,etc etc.. )
    10)Admin and Gms should stop playing another server,and join their game sometimes...

    Edit; Ayn1 know a really good server ?
    1. drop rate sux? sorry u didnt got unique on your first boss run? ... please read our forums and refer to the topics there and you can give your input on the drop rate and how you think it should be we constantly updating it.
    2. leg cut / scream rates - check them again, they are perfectly balanced.
    3. assassins OP - the skill system + items all originaly from usko/myko nothing changed. so did sins were OP there? it seems to you atm cuz every1 start with kinda low gear and with that gear sins can overheal themselfs quite easy, but as the players famr they gain better gear and the balance is back in order (will take like 1-2 days).
    4. too much troll? what?
    5. i cant control players do i? i wish i could
    6. potion weight - the potion weight is lighter then usko, but we have reduced it even more by now.
    7. start gear better? u start with fp's+6 / md+6, starter uniqes (half stats of rol aka 25def + 25hp+4dex+3hp for example, how that better then best uniques?) also u got no weapon def on start.
    8. what? cant follow you here.
    9. 1m bugs? atm all bugs that have been reported had been fixed or working on them. for example the upgrade bug has not been reported yet so couldent fix - notice it till now.
    10. agian what??

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    Hey | my launcher dont work now , i can open KnightOnline.exe , but after i write my acc's detalies got Login Failed Error

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    Hello, please read our forums for the solution.

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    bump for good server but no players

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    we are on beta atm,
    will start testing events today.

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