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###Secret-KO###Homeko-Myko and Good PK Opening Date 16.08.2013####

This is a discussion on ###Secret-KO###Homeko-Myko and Good PK Opening Date 16.08.2013#### within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; our beta server is available until the opening date. opening date 16.08.2013 20:00 WebPage = Secret-Ko Facebook = Secret-Ko Facebook ...
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    Lightbulb ###Secret-KO###Homeko-Myko and Good PK Opening Date 16.08.2013####

    our beta server is available until the opening date.
    opening date 16.08.2013 20:00
    WebPage = Secret-Ko
    Facebook = Secret-Ko Facebook

    you can get the patches with your 1299 client by turning it to 1098 without having trouble.
    Knight online goes back to the old days with secret- ko Breth ,Piana , old Moradon , old colony zone
    flawless quests and high qualified PK based server.We have made very big successes for years in this thing and we keep doing it. And by counting on this experience we serve you perfect joy.Our goal is to serve you the best service. we changed everything we think its wrong in the game. there's no support item. We only sell 1500 buff + 300 ac scrolls. ( also you can get 1000 hp and 150 ac scrolls on worms drops.
    there's a difference between full item servers and our server. You can get your items as +8 in the beggining from NPCs. (for warriors it's added Bill+8 to the worm drops)
    you start with unique jewels (+0) (and unupgradable)
    events that has never been seen before!!
    You will complete your items with secret stone and holy stone. (the quest items are tradable)
    Level limit is to 65.
    every bosses has an item drop called secret stone. you can get items by collecting them. There's a secret store npc's on can get the starting items such as full plate, glave, cleaver on this npc with secret stones or you can change the stones to national point.
    by slougtering the opposite race on cz, you earn a stone called holy stone. with that stone you can get high class items and +1 jewels from the npc called Secret Store II on CZ town.
    Boss stone respawns one time in an hour. except from boss stone , theres also other bosses spawns on cz. All bosses are equal. Their hp's and defs are same. and they drop +1 item and secret stone by %70 chance. thers BDW and be online events.if you dont want to have trouble with the accounts, we suggest you to get your accounts by the opening date.please don't forget to watch our servers trailer videos.our GMs will always be online to help you. and by making surveys frequently you can both be aware about the game and we can decide the changes that should be made together.
    <span style="color:#0000ff;">

    Upgrade Rates

    +1 %100
    +2 %100
    +3 %100
    +4 %100
    +5 %100
    +6 %40
    +7 %20
    +8 %5
    +9 %0

    Jewelry Upgrade Rates

    +1 %0
    +2 %60
    +3 %60

    Upgrade Rates With Trina

    +6 %60
    +7 %40
    +8 %25
    +9 %0

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    Proven fact, if you post the topic more than once? Guaranteed more players.

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    Server opened 40 minutes Last.

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    i would like to report Kriyus for cheating cz that guy vses pepole with no clothes on and wins full hp (while its lvl 65 and best armor is full plates and sword breakers +8 wich means i spike him 1700 dmg and thurst 100 dmg in a 3k hp server) and he just go full hp in a matter of seconds please check it

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    gonna be cheaters in every server, official, private, can't do much about that.. anyway is there bloody beast since lvl cap is 65? or judgement and howling sword for warrior?

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