Greetings players,

Medieval Empire will restart as a semi-pvp, semi-farm server. Medieval Empire is one of the best servers where you can enjoy farming, upgrading or pking.

Server is running under Soacs Anti Cheat V32 (without 64 bit incompabilitiy issue) so the cheating is minimised. Server files are currently Turkish, but we will do English ingame notices, and in the future, we will change server files into English too.

General Information
1. Level limit is 70, and it takes few hours to reach that.
2. As a starting gear, you get;
Armor: Full Plate +8 Set, Paper +8 Set, Grade 2 +8 set,
Weapon: Tooth +8, Totamic Club +8, Iron Crossbow +8, MD +8 (dual), Glave +8, Wizard/Salamander Staff,
Accessories: Quest Accessories + Bronze Belt
Extra: Potion, scrolls ve 62 skill scrolls.
3. Master is auto, you automatically get mastered when you relog, but level 70 skills requires farming!
4. Old cz Map is being used.
5. Server will contain Turkish and English players, so every notice will be written twice in both English and
Turkish languages.
6. Exe files are virus-free. No more false virus alerts so you can keep your antivirus on.
7. Exe files are 64bit compatiple. It will work for you unless your system is infected or there is another program
in conflict.

Event Information
1. Wars will be done everyday. Some days there will be a midnight wars for European players. (For american timezone.)
2. There is a monument in bowl. When a nation manages to kill it, they get 65 np instead of 50 np until other nation
kills it, so the bowl will be very populated.
3. At some happy hours, the national point you receive will be duplicated. For example, for the next 1 hours you will
get 100 np's for each kill.
4. Every week, there will be events such as GM Invasion, Find the GM or Boss events.
5. There will be different rewards for Forgotten Temple, CSW, and Kingship.

Skill Information
1. Archer combo does not work, however archer skill damages are increased dramatically.
2. Priest's Judgment skill is powered. There is a possibility to change it's animation into Helis for an easier combo/better visual.

Drop Information
Drops are taken from MYKO db. Some important drops are;
Golem Type: Chitin +1
DM Type: All High Class Weapon ve Armors +1 (CZ has improved droprate.)
Troll Type: Glave +1
Harpy Type: Md +1
Apos Type: Salamander +1
Worm Type: Opal, Sapphire, Crystal
Blood Don: Dagger Defense Helmets (also some random event mobs too)
Bosses: Whatever they used to drop in Usko.

Server's Technical Information
Server is dedicated and located in Germany-Frankfurt. Specs are:
- Intel® Core™ i7-920 8x2.66 GHz (8 core)
- 8 GB DDR3 Ram
- 1x 1500GB 7,200rpm Harddisk (will be upgraded, and raids will be made)
- 100 Mbit Dedicated Port (can upgrade it to 1gbit or 10gbit)
We can guarantee server won't be laggy with these specs, but it always depends on your connection, ISP quality, cable quality,
your house distance between ISP central, tracert route, or server load.

GM Information
Server has 5 GM's with admin status. There will not be any random GM's as we are enough. Game Masters will not have ingame characters, as we are busy at our school/work, we can only support players.

Power Up Store Information
Gear will be sold, however they will be very basic and won't even effect your PK. (e.g Shells +1 [which you can easily get from DM too!]) Also some scrolls such as Lion Scrolls, Teleport Scrolls, 9999 stack of potions/cures/books and a level 70 skill packet for the people who doesn't want to spend time on gathering quest items to receive level 70 skill, will be sold.

Give our server a try, if you don't like, you can uninstall it.

Beta will start tonight or tomorrow. (as of 17.02.2011)

Server IP:
Forum: Medieval Empire

Medieval Empire Administration