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Smooth Sexy-Myko Myko Server is a real big opening Wednesday, October 17

This is a discussion on Smooth Sexy-Myko Myko Server is a real big opening Wednesday, October 17 within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; First of all, Hi All Knight Online Players Sexy-founder of Myko as last expedition left behind in a Team Problems ...
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    Cool Smooth Sexy-Myko Myko Server is a real big opening Wednesday, October 17

    First of all, Hi All Knight Online Players
    Sexy-founder of Myko as last expedition left behind in a Team Problems And Issues Through all this time What did we do want you to know...

    Due to the attacks Userlerimiz Dear Gamers First Day -1 Error Agree Made this server had problems So, this was an attack

    2. Today, we eliminated this problem Cause nobody Will Mistake Problem -1 Error him not provided and the Middle Kaldırmıştık course Nevertheless, he continued for attacks: -: Result failed on the server, but unfortunately did not have a problem

    The event took place in a completely different and the final landing of domestic assault was not evident that the lines came from abroad to the line and the attack came from the server, the server might not have eliminated this problem until you are sure the required tests, and analysis We have not opened this thread

    SIZE=3]The reason this topic to share with you too, you know, Alone We've done with love and respect my team 2 People Are Now More Joins Fight and interest in acting from people I know, however, 1i Support on MSN for people you know from childhood, while others might not be in the game[/SIZE]
    *************Overnight in the net in the Promotion?***********
    Lvl 70 server does not automatically upgrade the original drop unnecessary Mob unnecessary item and the item has been designed by Deleted...
    The first week is designed as a server does not automatically 62lvl USER Short and certain times in accordance with the framework of Table lvl 65 and then raised to 70
    As I listened to you all Adminisrator Whether Or Make it as Administrator Gamemaster Behind The Ear suggestions I did not worry about boredom Place gelcek TS'Nize Or I'll be speaking Place the next MSN My goal is to listen to your suggestions My goal is to play an online game Car Editleyip We Not Peşelemek We understand and make good a Management Addressed in Every Way spend

    SIZE=3]Admin changed a something? Has the question in your mind[/SIZE]
    Yeah, I saw that I changed the Exp All 60 + as a period of 27 hours I have a picture emerged lvl 60 it will be 55 hours or 60 hours...
    What changes, the last time being regular Expi'sini each other lvl'in Lvl 49 50 No Problem This Time...
    Friends Everyone WB infrastructure contractions Most Like Abyys Rate dropped it justice sake of golems Paper I named Cardinal Loser Beat And Blood Drop Low Case Scenario subject Sheker APOST Buss trawl Harpy Stone Golem De Buss Rates Available This is much lower for a Myko occupies a unique proportion that the I think
    +1 Rate is 100%
    +2 Rate is 100%
    +3 Rate is 90%
    +4 Rate is 50%
    +5 Rate is 30%
    +6 Rate is 15%
    +7 Rate is 5%
    +8 Rate is 0%

    In addition to the Dark Mare is only Shard Sheller Elexir ii Raptor Sataff and Iron Bowda rate is very low, however,...
    In addition, we call Bosslardan Side Drop Side Items Or figure 1 with the prospect of a very small Order Hight Class Item is
    Items will be sold on server Olan'lar External Sales Only Scrolls And Premiumdur His None

    You will see links to Kopanel Server Forum Dewload Facebook page receive news liking FaceBokk
    Appendix one color to add beauty to your server, Smooth Border War, Red Box Or Items And Does Not Ship Exp and 3 Blessed from type 1 only and introduces many
    More detailed information Questions and Answers Like Kopanelimizdeki our Facebook page..

    See you Wednesday October 17 19:00...

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    Yay another MYKo server rise up when the hell this is going to end ?
    Stop gett files from snoxd and other developers forums and work on a real server dont just copy/paste everythinq ....

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