We've almost come to the end. In this period, we've fixed and corrected lots of bugs and lacks.

- First of all, we've fixed main bugs which could effect game play.

- Now all skills are working properly as they are supposed to work on USKO.

- We've enhanced our security to prevent any possible usage of 3rd party tool.

- We've added some basic events which exist on USKO to let you guys have more fun and we'll be adding more events soon.

- The donation system for clans has been completed and the alliance system has been added.

- A new panel have been coded and new visual and fundamental features added.

Of course, these aren't all the things we've done. I personally invite you guys to join our community and see what we've really done. There is going to be an OFFICIAL RELEASE on FRIDAY 12:00 - 06/14/2013( GMT -5 )

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server without bugs or lags !

join us! !!!!!

Over 100 ppl online all the time