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Unique KO

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    Default Unique KO


    Owner: Mo5ster

    Game Masters: GM_UKO / GM_UKO_002

    Moderator: Juga89


    1. No Macroing Allowed
    2. No Bypassing The Launcher
    3. No KOXP
    4. No Tbl-Editing
    5. No Bug Abuse
    6. No Racism
    7. No Np Transferring

    Events Going On Currently:
    Christmas Event

    Server Information:
    *Unique Knight OnLine is PK/Farm Server.
    *There are All Items of JPKO and new items of USKO! (You must see!)
    *Max level 83!
    *There is Rebirth System and Event Rebirth Exchange!
    *Ardream - Quest Red Chitin and Black Chitin.
    *Power Up Store will be open soon with cool items.
    *New Maps:Krowaz Dominion and Dark land - New Monsters.
    *Auto Master 60 level.
    *Quest Item 70 Level.
    *Ultima Room in Bifrost!
    *New Bosses and Mobs!
    *Chaotic Generator Working! Exchange Gems and Fragments that you can obtain in Dark Land, Bifrost and Krowaz Dominion!
    *Only one thing that should be fixed is Bifrost we are experiencing some issues with it but we will fix it. For now you can go in Krowaz and Dark Land for farm Gems and Fragments.
    *News Skills for all class!
    *Felankor Lair in hell abyss working.
    *Colony Zone - Full Pk. New Bosses!
    *Tons of Events!

    Server Stats:
    Total Accounts:
    Total Characters:

    Drop List of UniqueKO

    (uniques and such)

    Worms(all types) = Silver Bar, Basic equipment.

    Small Bulcan = Magic Shield Scroll

    Silan = Lotto Ticket

    Giant Bulcan = Blue/Green Treasure Chest


    Dark Mare = Two Lotto/Unique Tickets and Silver Bar

    Dread Mare/Death Mare = Two Lotto/Unique Lotto Tickets

    Crimson Wings = Unique/Normal Lotto tickets

    Troll King = Bronze Earring , Golden Earring , Opal Earring , Crystal Earring , Silver Earring , Secret Silver Earring , White Silver Earring , Platinum Earring , Agate Earring , Elf Metal Earring

    Harpy Queen = Warrior Earring , Rogue Earring , Cleric Earring , Mage Earring

    Talos = Belt of Life , Belt of Intelligence , Belt of Strength , Belt of Dexterity +2Mana Belt , Ice Belt , Fire Belt , Lightning Belt , Crystal Belt , Elf Belt , Skeleton Belt , Bronze Belt , Glass Belt , Iron Belt


    Riote = 25 nps

    Atross = 50 nps and Diamond of atross(Needed for NP Quest)

    Lycaon = Lycaon pendant, Lycaon staff/Hammer

    Lupus = Lupus Pendant, Lupus staff/Hammer

    Lobo = Lobo Pendant, Lobo staff/Hammer

    Shaula = Tail Of Shaula, Chitin Bow, Scorpion Shield

    Lesath = Tail of Lesath, Chitin Shield

    Bach = Ring of Life

    Bishop = Ring of Magic

    Duke = Ring of Courage

    You could get into Krowaz Dominion from the teleport gate which is located in Colony Zone bowl.

    Minotaur = Spear Of Murky Water, Blue Gem,Yellow Gem, Black Gem, Minotaur Earring+0

    Query = Rebirth Scroll

    Cuff Binder = Windforce Bow(Restricted Diet, Fire Rain, Bombtastic Giant, Lousy Pickpocket, Undefeated) Leonard(Mean,Bombtastic,Undefeated) ALL +1

    Knight Of Betrayal = Undefeated Nebrios/Aztec Gold Kuan+1

    Giga Hammer = Undefeated Baal/Raum +1

    Krowaz = Undefeated Wirinom +1


    Angel = Blue,Yellow,Black Gem, Lillimes Enticement+0

    Cockatrice = Blue,Yellow,Black,Green Gem, Howling Rooster+0

    Minotaur = Blue,yellow,black gem, Minotaur Earring+0

    Bone Dragon = Silvery Gem

    Deva Bird = Same As King Boss

    KingBoss = Silvery Gem,Death Wing Bow+1,NonFlammable Shield+1, Cut Snake Tail, Shield Of Centaurus+0, Right Hand Legend Claw+1, Ring Of Felankor+0(Very Low Drop Rate),Iron Neck+1,Platinum Earring+1/RoC,RoL,RoM+1 (Basicaly ALL uniques+1 drop from this boss, only RoF Drops at +0)


    Flame Rock = Abyss Fire

    Felankor = Ring Of Felankor, All uniques, Gold Bar

    Isiloon = Iron Neck, Ring of Life, Chitin Shield and All Other Uniques

    A. Black/Red Chitin Quest

    If you are lazy to farm and upgrade shell, you can go farm for lycaon,lupus,lobo pendant+1 and 15 diamond of atross and GO CHITIN Build. If you want Red Chitin you need 5 Tail and Lesath and Shaula and 15 diamond of atross.

    B. Lotto/Unique Ticket Quest

    1. 100 lottos = 1 stack of 10 boss scrolls
    2. 100 unique lottos = 1 x weapon +11 (depending on your char's class). This is a very good weapon to start with in this server. The stats on the weapon are good.

    C. National Points Quest

    Collect 100 Diamonds of Atross to exchange for 500 national points

    D. Xmas Quest

    1. Collect 25 Xmas presents from Xmas trees and exchange for 25 million noahs
    2. Collect 50 Xmas presents from Xmas trees and exchange for 50 million noahs
    3. Collect 100 Xmas presents from Xmas trees and exchange for 100 million noahs

    Leveling Guide:

    Level: 1-40
    Creatures: Earth Worms,Worms, Bandicoots, Bulcan,Wild Bulcan, Gloomwings or Kencoons

    Level 40-60
    Creatures: Uruk Hies

    Level 60-70
    Creatures: Trolls

    Level 70-83
    Creatures: Evil Wizards (I suggest getting a friend level 83 to Power Level you)

    Anvil Rates:
    Max +9 Items
    Max +3 Accessories
    Rates will not be told.

    Megaupload - Client
    Filefront - Client

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