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lol using avci files aint mean launching or testing a new server. u even dont have the sources. and if this guy is mostwanted (sahin). he is in scammer list. dont trust him.
I gotta vouch for this , MostWanted-sahin(account bought off from my friend fuko) is a known scammer , he already got banned 2-3 times from sexyko , even worse he pooped up each 3-4 months trying to "appeal" his ban with a hipocryte attitude , the worst rat you all can get involved with , for me its a big -1 to this server (considering that he's on the main pics of the advertising , wich means he's a top admin ).
doğru scammer olabilirim ; Azer Bülbül-Zorunam
i scammed my users? wtf.
he didnt deny that he's sahir , he even accepted it by saying " I scammed my users? wtf" gotta love his sarcasm, i'll talk further with the staff about this server to take a decision till then it stays closed.