Let me specify before that I am an user of this server not an adminstrator or game master ingame.I opened this thread because this server deserves to online ppl with this speciallty.Like I said its opened at 27 october with 200 around online ppl and lose lots of online users.As you guys see its a Turkish server with Turk support team... I know its hard to believe a Turk job will be good and I can not give you guys a guarantee about it. But I remember those good days from usko Knight Empire version... was awesome. (It was following version of myko and before the 80 cap)Let us give a chance to this good version! Just try it cant take that much time ha?General Drop Listarkmare: Raptor, Shard, Iron Impact, ChitinsGolems: Chitins, Iron Bow, Totamic Club etc.Harpys: Mirage DaggerTrolls: Glave, BUSLamias: Full Plate Armors Blood Seekers: BUS, BES etcUruk Blade: BUS, BES etcWorm Kind: Quest JeweleriesDelos Monsters: +9 JeweleriesWebsite: Kingdom Knight Offical Web SiteFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingdomknightempireClient Download Link From FTP Server: ftp://down.pvphosting.net/KingdomKni...gdomKnight.rar