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Most useless topic in the history of topics. All people want is activity and as razor said there is no dev who can promise that without already having a server with high population. There are a lot of people who like the version of KO that is out in USKO/EUKO now, but they choose not to play there because the activity in cz is shit and because its a waste of money. If there was a server that had 200-300 people constantly in cz, I dont think anyone would give a shit what version the server was as long as there was farming and people to kill.
what you need to understand is, as i've looked over the most recent topics, most of them are "oldKO myko best old stuff no new with bdw and chaos stone etc" i'm asking because i feel there are to many server's that are the same, if you want population then putting a similar server online to what's already provided would be, well pointless, that's why i'm asking, that's all, i haven't been around for a while in the priv server scene, so just making sure what i'm intending to do is right, for people who want to play and where i can attract the highest population for the user's.

thanks for your input, as i said it's all good input no matter what and thank you to everyone's input so far, it really does help