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It is good to see that people still remember us, however I won't return to KO - ever. 4 years ago I could work on KI for 16 hours a day and not complain about it. Nowadays I don't have time for that, plus I forgot almost everything related to KO. I much rather develop web apps and HTML5 games than working on KO. Developing games is more fun than playing it. That is pretty much my current situation. I usually keep lurking on developer platforms and forums. I also currently write a book for web devs in general.

Despite what people say, managing KI was a pain. It was really stressful. I was corrupt, scammer, money whore, unskilled retard, wannabe developer, friend protector etc. (Maybe even kingslayer too.) People were constantly coming up with conspiracy theories and believe those. We tried to make everything as transparent as possible and that was one of the key factors on KI's success. This is one of the reasons why new servers usually fail. Admins do nothing for community to be loved and trusted. Exp rates, droprates etc. is not important. KI database is an extremely crappy one. I don't know why you guys care alot about it. It is beyond terrible. The key part behind the success wasn't our database. It was our management. I'm not sure if cyber wars and ddos still going on. If so, all you need is a proper way to destroy every other server. Then you will succeed.

Maybe you can wait until twostars complete her emulator and release a server.

For you as a developer the KI -files might have been beyond terrible. Me and other's as players enjoyed the "plain" version of KO. There are so many servers that are filled with all sort of custom crap & events that are bugged or can be exploited by some way. Sometimes having less is having more. Imperia for me was by far the best private server and i doubt there will be one that beats those experiences because of cyberwars between owners. In my opinion, every single ko-admin is corrupt, scammer, money whore, retard, etc.. Its all about how you receive criticism, and you guys did it well. I remember myself being one to flame you guys over not banning certain wallhacker's during Lunar War's, and after that there was immediate response via forums/pms and action took place ingame. ( that is impossible these days ).

Wish the best for you big A, go on and make the next angry birds for us!