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    Medium EXP/ Level 70 / Hard Farm / Hard Upgrade / Hard Boss

    AKO | PS Team
    will do our best to provide the best possible and highest quality game-play and player service we can possibly offer with our abilities.
    We have taken several steps to ensure our security is up to par including an adequate (possibly overkill) amount of DDoS "protection".
    We currently choose not to outline steps taken towards security as to not compromise said security. I'd like to personally remind everyone
    that this server is YOURS! Sure, we work, develop, create, however this project will not be possible without your insight,
    suggestions, ideas and feedback backing us up. We accept and appreciate any and all criticism (positive and negative)
    as it is the only thing that will allow us to better serve you, the community.

    A Knight Online Private Server is taking you back to a time period in Knight Online where you remember it being fun, exciting, and addicting.
    Back when you could merchant at night and earn a bit of noah by the morning, back when having a glowing weapon meant something, and +8 was rarely seen.
    Remember when it took a long time to build a +7 set? when people played on full plates, chitins, and paper sets? When you felt good because you upgraded your
    iron crossbow to +6 without having a spare. Back when, if you didn't have any of those fancy scrolls, you could get buffed by a priest, and play just fine. Yea, back
    when buffer priests existed. Now if you take all of this, and strip away lag, corruption, and spam, and add in active GM's - this is what you get, us.

    Events & War
    We will hold various exciting and unique as well as old-style events, actively. We have taken several steps to make sure players in ALL TIME-ZONES have a
    chance to participate in events. We have implemented wars and an automatic war-schedule, 7 days a week! This also includes Dark Lunar Wars. We are also
    currently accepting suggestions and ideas for new events - please let us know your
    thoughts here -
    if your idea is chosen, you will receive developer credits for helping out, which you can
    redeem on the KOPanel in exchange for Knight Cash (KC), or Vote Points (VP).

    Drop List
    A Knight Online Private Server | Boss Drop List
    A Knight Online Private Server | Monster Drop List


    As we mentioned above, NO EXP, but HARD FARM - so here it is folks!

    Drop Rates

    • High Class Weapons such as Shard, Raptor, Iron Bow, ect. will drop at about 10%
    • High Class Armors such as chitin will drop at a rate of about 16%, and shell pauldron will drop at a rate of about 3%, the rest of the shell pieces will drop at around 5%

    Unique Drop Rates

    • Chitin Shield will drop at 0.5% Lesath and 1.8% Isiloon
    • Chitin Bow will drop at a 4% rate
    • Unique jewelry will drop at various rates between 3% and 16% depending on item and rare status

    Upgrade Rates
    + BUS Trina
    +1 100% 100%
    +2 100% 100%
    +3 100% 100%
    +4 90% 100%
    +5 65% 100%
    +6 30% 45%
    +7 8% 14%
    +8 2% 4%
    AC Max +0

    We have spent alot of hours working on A Knight Online Private Server's KOPanel, and still are! We have implemented various unique features
    such as kill/death counts, developer credits, personalized statistics, account controls, new security features, improved server information, ect.!
    You are able to preview what has currently been developed by viewing our site - A Knight Online Private Server - F2P


    • Old School Moradon (Summer)
    • CZ Map: Castle in the Middle
    • Abyss Dungeon (All Floors)
    • Eslant
    • Delos
    • El Morad Castle / Luferson Castle

    Don't be afraid to reply to this thread and give us your suggestions & ideas, anything is subject to change according to how you, the community, feel about it! We still have a bit of time before official release, so let's get this discussion started!

    ​(The other topic may be deleted, cleaning out )

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    I was using this thread when i was mentioning the DLW. I still think it should be implemented since it will be exp/farm server at lvl 70. Then it would kick even OldSchoolKO's ass lol. Would be like the original knight online. Should make it like 30-50 DLW like old Knight Online and 35-59 for Ardream. so this way ppl have a variety to pk with instead of just constant exping to just pk around 70

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    Would be a good idea to run a stress test on the server this weekend. That's when most of the people will be able to play and put in more hours.

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